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Example sentences for upbeat

Or you may feel guilty for not acting upbeat or cheerful.
He's not comforted by the upbeat, concluding note pointing out dinosaurs' evolutionary connection to today's birds.
But the electric-car industry, which is relying on other federal incentives to get ahead, remains upbeat.
But no, she was her upbeat, smiling self at the workshop this week.
He has an upbeat spirit that is truly indefatigable-even a blast of squid ink to the face won't put him off.
Despite five decades of null results and chronic underfunding, he and his colleagues are more upbeat than ever.
Strange that something commonly generating such awful experiences should have elicited so many upbeat testimonials.
Her rhythms were upbeat dance tempos with strong rock undercurrents.
The music is upbeat and the dancers extremely energetic, their costumes beautiful.
With solder science solidifying and the laser technology tuning up, proponents of tissue welding are upbeat.
She was upbeat by nature, and she managed to maintain her optimism.
There is nothing about which to feel upbeat, no easy moral, no simple narrative.
His upbeat account of these events was tempered by regret.
These small courtesies will give you an upbeat feeling which will help you as you continue your walk down the street.
But its current chief crusader was, as always, engagingly upbeat.
While there was much gnashing of teeth over the economy, the overall mood was by all accounts upbeat.
We spoke about the magazine's future, and he sounded confident and upbeat.
On this long-awaited return, the band replaces its once fashionably desperate new wave with upbeat rock.
Up till now, the mood in the garage has been upbeat.
Recently, however, senior officers have become distinctly more upbeat.
On the military side, the mood has become quite upbeat.
But the clearest message, both from the research and from the couples, is upbeat.
Yet their respective chief executives were far from upbeat.
Both the upbeat and the downbeat point to precedents.
It is also possible that today's high prices are giving misleadingly upbeat signals.
First, other economic data is not as upbeat as employment.
Now that it is clear the standstill has already begun, that prediction may prove too upbeat.
The rhetoric of ministers today was resolutely upbeat.
The minute-long spot is upbeat and cute and it features a cartoon elephant.
Perhaps that's why supporters of gun control were notably upbeat when the ruling came down.
She plainly does care about the struggling families and strenuously upbeat old people she has photographed.
Do your part to help create an upbeat environment at work.
The line was unbelievably long, but people were patient and upbeat.
Enjoy the band's upbeat original compositions, vocal and instrumental harmonies, creative solos and clever lyrics.
The tone is upbeat and literate, focusing on bestsellers as well as new discoveries.

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