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Pain can be mysterious, untreatable and debilitating, and its causes can be unknown.
Percentages do not include faculty members whose race was unknown.
Scientists say the underwater hotspots may potentially host unique forms of life previously unknown to science.
But the creatures unearthed also include eight taxa previously unknown to science.
There is no known treatment for the disease, the cause of which is unknown.
The deaths have alarmed conservationists and triggered investigations, but the exact cause remains unknown.
Many unknown dinosaurs await discovery in rock formations all over the world, but some new species are hiding in plain sight.
Yet today the true health costs of the nuclear disaster are still unknown.
Even as scans get faster and cheaper, many diseases still have unknown or sketchy genetic correlates.
When the subject heard the police coming, he ran in an unknown direction.
It is not unknown for a stock exchange to open without any stocks.
It hasn't been seen since, and its whereabouts are unknown.
At this early stage, the importance of viral parasites to human health or the environment is unknown.
In the beginning the universe was born in an unknown phenomenon currently known as the big bang.
Civilizations have traded emeralds since antiquity, but the sources of many famous gems have remained unknown.
Mueller remains largely unknown to the general public.
The reason why a high protein intake causes this feeling of fullness was, however, unknown.
But exactly how this cell trafficking occurred was unknown.
Genome sleuthing shows the disease is caused by a previously unknown virus.
The exact combined length of its sections remains unknown.
Scientists have discovered a unique long-whiskered rodent representing a previously unknown mammal family.
It was as exciting and humbling as discovering an unknown continent.
But sewage should be the first place to go-if you're looking for unknown viruses.
There whereabouts of the little dinosaur are still unknown.
Even an unknown or unauthenticated artist's work deserves a public viewing.
But overall, much about terror bird behavior remains unknown.
But for every one of them, thousands of others unknown to us were lost.
More intense headaches are caused by unknown mechanisms.
Exactly how a hairworm parasitizes a cricket is unknown.
It is unknown if this bug was ever actually exploited.
Because not many branches have enough history to tell, the answer to that remains unknown.
Cyanobacteria can sense ethylene, but whether they can produce the compound is unknown.
But the price was high, and microwave cooking was an unknown.
And chemical dispersants of unknown toxicity could be sprayed to break up oil patches.
Countless lab hours are spent in search of a medical cure that is still unknown.
How the relationship between the two species originated is unknown.
Its existence was unknown and undreamed of until a few years ago.
The motions of this visible material reveal that it is mere flotsam on an unseen sea of unknown material.
No company is going to take an unknown risk when it comes to revenue generation.
Vulnerabilities exist in every system and there are two kinds: known and unknown.
Whether the public will accept food genetically modified to be low-allergen is still unknown.
Relaxation and exposure to aversive stimuli ameliorate many such disorders, even if the ultimate cause is unknown.
U-shaped curve, and its similar shape in different parts of the developed and even often developing world, is unknown.
Many life opportunities are not yet reduced to an engineering equation to solve for the unknown factor.
It is not unknown for presidents to fall out with their governing bodies, howsoever these are set up.
Of course, it is naïve to think that this information is unknown.
Most obviously, they are showered with enormous resources, a phenomenon not unknown at elite colleges.
We now experienced the incalculable contrast between descending a known and travelled river, and one that is utterly unknown.
What is hid is unknown: for what is unknown there is no desire.
Afflicted with some unknown disease, and supposed to have been wounded by an elfin arrow.
Degrees of introduction are utterly unknown to best society.
When the tipping point comes, and all of the unknown reagent has reacted, the solution changes colour.
It has provided a lexicon of proteins, including many previously unknown ones.
But the majority are unique, and previously unknown to science.
When and why sloe gin became the bottle of choice for teenagers looking to get looped is not only unknown but incomprehensible.
Here was promise of unknown fare, the kind that can make the labor of travel worth its undertaking.
Exactly what species of carnivore left the pits and scratches on the elephant bones is unknown.
So far, the cause of the explosion is unknown, as is the culprit.
Strong hurricanes hitting the gulf coast was not an unknown event.
Many routine decisions are complicated by the unknown.
The cause of the blast was unknown but the tangled wreckage of a car was outside one building.
Adventuring into the unknown challenges us to learn and grow.
Almost all of these speeches are unknown to the general public.
There could be an unknown factor that goes along with a diet rich in fish that played into the results.
The fate of these dense knots of material is unknown.
Everyone knows that there are lots of unknown dinosaur species left to be discovered.
The evidence becomes even more valuable when the species photographed is elusive, threatened or even previously unknown.
The precise provenance of this one remains unknown, but the story of its donors is worth noting.
Why it is so different from its relatives is still unknown.
Whether or not this time frame is good enough is still unknown.
But who used them and to design exactly what kind of masks remains unknown.
The cause of this population decline is unknown, but it's likely a combination of accidental and intentional overfishing.
But any biological or seafood impacts remain unknown at this point.
It is known that there are super bolts of lightning, the exact voltage unknown and effects unknown.
On other planets as well on this one, there are huge and unknown possibilities for life.
Precisely how these genes interact to provide the full constellation of colors, such as hazel and gray, is as yet unknown.
At the same time, human health or environmental impacts remain unknown for this new strain.
Although the causes of thyroid disease are unknown, genetics are a major factor.
Studies have also shown that there are two sound peaks during knuckle cracking, but the causes of these peaks are unknown.
Scanning the skies for the highest energy gamma-ray emissions, they discovered eight previously unknown sources.
And in the online world, much of it is simply fear of the unknown, of what's new.
We are on top of the food chain, for some unknown reason.
Such dual behavior was then unknown to medical science.
The health consequences of such elevated mutation rates, if any, remain unknown.
But how generally this phenomenon occurs is also unknown.
Or be the first to find a common species unknown in your area.
Perhaps it was some other creature, a beast unnamed and unknown.
She and her poetry remained mostly in her room, unknown.
For reasons unknown to this day, it sank a bit in the atmosphere, and opaque clouds covered it up.
The exact mechanism for genome destabilization and how it's inherited is unknown.
Now the compounds are turning up in animals as well-with unknown consequences.
The genetic determinants of hair texture in humans are largely unknown.
Although all will eventually go supernova, the type of explosion they will generate is unknown.
Even for those who do understand the makeup of the garbage patch, its effect on the marine ecosystem is as yet largely unknown.
If the science is highly uncertain any future outcome can be considered unknown.
They are embedded in a vast, unseen halo, made of an unknown stuff that has come to be known as dark matter.
Currently, a live feed of the launch pad shows the rocket primed to go, but announces a launch delay of unknown duration.
Stress has been shown to alter mating preferences in animals, but the effects of stress on human mating preferences are unknown.
The offender fled the scene on foot in an unknown direction.
The transcripts, however, show that an unknown number of cremated remains were placed in urns that are lost forever.
Deals between bankers and property developers are one-offs, on terms unknown to all but a few insiders.
Then they're pulled into the breaking waves by the undertow and are off, on their own, into the great unknown.
Instead, they infected fewer, as many users started deleting all the e-mails they were getting from unknown senders.
Anyway, now is not the time to worry about the unknown.
And yet, she seemed to fear that she was becoming unknown.
The photos in the album, taken by an unknown photographer, are simple and few.
While depression is by no means unknown when people stop drinking, it is usually on a scale that is not menacing.
The first is that the nature of dark energy is entirely unknown.
If you would not give out information to an unknown telephone caller, then don't click a link on email from an unknown sender.
No educated experimental work with the goal of restoring natural balance is a cosmetic surrender to the unknown.
But the role these currents play in earthquake physics is unknown.
One important unknown is the role that convection and conduction play in the less viscous regions of ice.
The point is that that is likely the current state for an unknown percentage of these patients.
Sooner or later, an unknown startup or a true maverick will sneak up behind these squabbling old timers and steal the pot of gold.
Researchers can measure that change to identify unknown molecules for purposes of diagnosis or pathogen detection.
And it's unknown how much the new refrigerants will cost to manufacture.
Thou shalt not look in dusty corners where unknown answers hide.
Keep in mind that the mechanism by which this happens is still unknown.
In contrast, the new photonic fibers represent a manufacturing unknown.
So much is unknown about what a human really is, physically.
In the second half of this century, the great unknown for explorers has been space.
In fact, there has been no census for several decades and the exact number is unknown.
Art is a form of exploration, of sailing off into the unknown alone, heading for those unmarked places on the map.
There can be no limitation on science as an exploration of unknown nature.
His whereabouts, the charges against him, and his condition remain unknown.
Because so much was done under the veil of secrecy, much remains unknown about the extent of the illegality.
They're used as political pawns, they're scorned as outsiders, they're feared because they have unknown powers.
It was not so much that the imbalances were hidden or unknown.
Metastatic malignant disease of unknown primary origin.

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