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Universal insurance coverage has become the touchstone of the debate over health care.
Friendship may be slipping from our grasp, but our friendliness is universal.
Putting together a coalition for universal health insurance not so much.
In psychology, it is a well-known finding that a small set of facial expressions of emotion is universal.
Mora is searching for and writing about those family qualities that are both unique and universal.
There will be no way to pay for health care without moving to a universal single payer without fee-for-service.
The coalition also supports requiring a universal scanner that could read chips at any frequency.
It means that a universal methodology is possible that can expand the horizons of science.
Music is sometimes said to be a universal language, but that's a sentiment in need of qualification.
Wolfram's machine is the simplest universal computer possible.
Instead of one universal evolutionary tree, picture a three-trunk stand sharing a communal root system.
Dive into a day in the life of an underwater photographer as he explores some universal business challenges.
The universal avoidance of intensely bitter molecules shows a strong link between taste and disgust.
But every interim leader has two responsibilities that are universal.
The molecules that bacteria use for communication are often species-specific, so developing universal inhibitors is difficult.
Liquid water is a universal solvent that allows chemicals to freely float, make contact each other and produce reactions.
Which means that facial expressions are not a universal language.
List system of proportional representation based on universal adult suffrage.
For a lot of us, a universal remote makes a lot of sense.
Sadly, one of our profession's near universal practices is to use fresh graduate students to teach first-year writing courses.
Persians looked to the distant past for universal imagery.
Increasing access to genetic screening will surely influence debates over universal health care and medical records privacy.
Clear some space on your coffee table because here comes another universal remote.
There is near universal agreement on the need for new payment hubs.
Spikes are the universal all-or-none pulses used by all but the tiniest nervous systems to communicate information among neurons.
The adaptation of sphere is fascinating and universal.
It may not need a universal asymmetry to explain the prevalence of matter.
Large genetic studies have ruled out the idea that the malfunction of a universal gene or set of genes causes autism.
It may not be a universal truth, but it comes close.
Incentives to return excess generation back into the grid should be made universal.
Rhythm is also pattern recognition by our brains and is as universal and natural as you suggest.
Not everything-no universal floods, for instance-but a lot.
At the same time, however, their experiences reflected seemingly universal elements of the modern college presidency.
And it would be great if this program was universal, at all of the community colleges and universities.
He faces much more directly the problem of the universal element in knowledge.
Peace would be universal if there were neither thine nor mine.
In truth it may be laid down as an almost universal rule that good poets are bad critics.
They are universal in appeal, and almost universal in actual occurrence wherever folklore has been collected.
There was a universal burst of enthusiasm-a final revivification of the ancient myth.
The fact is that the soliloquy is so universal that it escapes observers who are not acute and active.
If it has a modern air, it is because the words used are of universal significance, and belong neither to this age nor to that.
Underlying this conjectured scenario is an inexplicably universal state of severely diminished immune competence.
The universal mandate is a tool to bring down average premium prices.
Individual authors working with universal themes write the stuff that survives.
Such unanimity testifies to a universal hunger among all peoples for fundamental rights.
Then each business can make instantaneous credit checks and offer its customers the convenience of universal credit cards.
Given that the richer your group, the less flashy spending you'll do, conspicuous consumption isn't a universal phenomenon.
It is under this guise only that the product has been bonded for universal export.
The principle of universal jurisdiction also applies to the enforcement of grave breaches.
None of this, though, will do much to make broadband access universal or more affordable.
Fusion science has made a big return on this investment in the form of a new universal constant.
For generations, textbooks have trumpeted two universal truths about taste.
It's because he can make music the universal language that it's sometimes claimed to be.
The cargo cult is about the one unchanging, constant and universal fact: human nature.
But some challenges are universal, and some wisdom is timeless.
Grieving is a universal phenomenon across all human cultures, and has been throughout recorded history.
So he juxtaposed cherry blossoms with a universal icon: the radiation hazard trefoil.
Health insurance is limited in what it covers and far from universal, so getting sick can be a costly proposition.
Deficits in learning and memory are nearly universal after a traumatic brain injury.
There is no other universal measuring rod out there.
The universal human myth may be the first example of disaster reporting.
But for such a universal sensation, it is still a mysterious one.
Most units of scientific measure are now defined not by physical objects but by universal constants.
The agricultural revolution spread until today it's nearly universal and few tribes of hunter-gatherers survive.
If omega is more than one, the universal expansion slows and eventually reverses, collapsing in a cosmic crunch.
There's a notion that savant abilities may be universal or latent in all of us and could be released.
These are the universal and tragic themes you find in the literatures of all peoples.
Universal clarity of questions is so difficult to achieve in a survey.
It seems be to so predicated on contemporary biases about the basic universal goodness of human nature.
It's unclear how universal the study's results are, as the researchers only looked at two cultures.
We also need to understand the universal patterns common to all evolutionary systems, both organic and inorganic.
It has value only when it's fresh, in that window of time between initial dissemination and universal saturation.
But it really doesn't matter, human tribalism is also a universal, and it co-opts these religious intuitions into its service.
Universal programs benefit those below the poverty line but also the non-poor that risk joining them.
Our opinion was that they could more readily arise in response to universal cultural requirements.
But that seems to me too imprecise, too deliberately universal in its ambitions.
Whatever the country, freedom of thought and expression are universal human rights.
On set the actors are universal in their praise of the script.
The polished fruit of more than half a decade of research and writing, the book was immediately received in a universal embrace.
They are unique in their ancient and near-universal appeal-no other gem has been so widely prized for so long.
Either way, the credit given to it for improvements seems nearly universal in the favelas.
Its effect on natural systems and on civilization will be a universal permanent disaster.
T he idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important.
The idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important.
One of them is that while it is useful for one to one communication, it's not so good for universal communication over a network.
One of the more complex aspects of human behaviour is our universal ability to laugh.
There are no silver bullets for this problem-not even encapsulation or the universal virtual computer.
We find universal distributions with scale invariant behaviour.
Earlier efforts at lighter designs were universal failures-disabled or destroyed, some within weeks, by the wind itself.

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