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So my guess is that these forms are unintelligible because that helps justify the absurd price.
As to the translation, even catching a completely unintelligible but organized signal would be a world shaking triumph.
Their conversation is a burbling, unintelligible stream.
The result is to scramble up the letters in the outgoing message so that it is unintelligible.
Some of his ideas were really quite simple, but he always managed to make them seem unintelligible.
Sometimes she would be so distraught at work that she would repeat unintelligible nursery rhymes.
Unintelligible dialects are sometimes combined into one language if they share a literature or other cultural heritage.
Then more bodies turn up, and then there is an unintelligible ending.
Much of the acting is amateurish, and the sound is so poor that some of the dialogue is unintelligible.
During some short intervals, words and phrases become unintelligible.
The blood drains from your face as you read that first audit report, which is so poorly structured as to be unintelligible.
Wainwright is not careful, he swallows syllables, and the words become unintelligible.
Some of the speeches are intentionally speeded up to the point of becoming unintelligible.
Patents in one language, if unintelligible generally, cannot be licensed for the general good.
The frequency crackled with another unintelligible transmission.
We may suspect change and deterioration in almost every other particular but the language which is so wholly unintelligible to us.
The officer says a word which is unintelligible to them but plain in meaning.
There was an odd beauty in the unintelligible letters printed on the medical charts.
There remains a third group of phobias which is entirely unintelligible to us.
Here its decisions are confused and often unintelligible.
Until now, its members have often spoken with so many tongues as to be unintelligible.
There are indeed paintings that would be called modernistic, futuristic and even unintelligible, but they do not predominate.
He said something unintelligible, and then said something else as he strode across the lavish set and sat down.
The shaman blows sage smoke toward them and rings his little bells and chants something unintelligible.
Sometimes he's completely unintelligible but he always talks clearly when he's talking to his new dog.
Absent historical reference, the report becomes nearly unintelligible.
Withdrawals from the room noise segments have been made for unintelligible segments that might be conversation.

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