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Which is why even the shortest walk can turn into an hours-long fact-finding mission.
But sometimes the cells turn against components of the body.
If this wounds you, let the donee know that there are conditions attached to the gift, and give them a chance to turn it down.
It means to ride a bike or drive a hybrid car, and to turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth.
It's simple enough: two players walk three steps away from each other, turn and shoot.
These hormones, in turn, travel to other parts of the body to tell cells what to do and when to do it.
Scholars turn monographs into digital conversations.
One clock to turn on the pump and another to turn it off.
Whether they use two eyes or dozens, people and animals turn light into sight.
Turn old goblets and trophies into sparkling candle holders.
Knowing they could turn in work for me late without asking and without penalty has been a positive option for them.
Turn around and take the secret card from your friend.
Turn the question upside down, and the pattern still appears.
Certain ants are manipulated in turn by a butterfly and a wasp.
Once scorned as nervous tics, certain tiny, unconscious flicks of the eyes now turn out to underpin much of our ability to see.
Vote now and help our online audience pick the best pIt's your turn.
Any deeper and we'll turn around and try to find another route.
With a little creativity, turn an old artwork frame and drawer organizer into a family message center.
When social media are blocked on a campus network, there may be nowhere to turn but cellphones.
Once again, also, you have to decide which cards to turn to see if the rule was broken.
Find out what causes them and why they turn into a deadly wall of water when they reach the shore.
When your turn comes, do unto others as you would have had them do for you.
The deflation in turn increases the real cost of debt.
Delicious toppings turn pizza and burgers into the perfect wine food.
When tuition goes up and parents protest, attention will turn to faculty research and teaching costs.
So further engineering is needed to turn them into useful materials.
Turn the saucer right side up and center it on top of the flowerpot.
And newspapers had yet to turn the admissions cycle into an annual tally of percentages and prestige.
Businesses are beginning to turn to artificially intelligent bots to streamline their warehouses and distribution centers.
But early-answer programs show that the wheels can turn faster if need be.
Double back to the restroom, turn left again, and at the end of the cemetery bear left at the traffic light.
Turn a deep photo frame and similar-sized side table into a venue for celebrating treasured keepsakes.
The fish turn bright red with a pale green head as they prepare to spawn in freshwater.
It doesn't take much to turn a head of romaine or a prepacked bag of greens into a gourmet first course.
Indeed, antibiotics were much more effective against those bacteria strains that could not turn on their stringent response.
Remember to turn clocks ahead one hour this weekend and, if possible, sleep in until the sun rises.
Turn a drab thrift-store chair into a stylish accent for any room in your home.
The waters off the coast turn molten silver, then disappear into darkness.
When you turn the kaleidoscope, the pieces move, and you see a different design.
Turn smooth river rocks into a stylish paperweight with white rub-on transfers.
Some green species produce a pink form, and some silvers turn gold.
And purple-podded beans hold their color when sliced raw for salad but turn dark green when cooked.
One solution to this learning challenge is to turn the task into a game in which students take charge of their own learning.
Dreadful names and ghoulish shapes turn dishes suited to all ages into party fare.
The tags, available from garden stores, turn fruits with stems into instant place-setters.
Turn the planter box upside down and remove any existing feet from its bottom.
Our goals were to open the spaces to each other and to turn the kitchen into a warm and elegant entertaining area.
Run conduit to the box using an elbow to make the turn.
If leaves turn yellow between veins, apply iron chelate.
The best way to turn plants into energy is to eat them.
Many issues posing as questions of privacy can turn out to be matters of security, health policy, insurance or self-presentation.
Researchers turn to virtual worlds for real-world insights into addiction.
The fusion reactions release neutrons that in turn boost the fission process, increasing its yield.
But when they get close they turn away from our heads and dive for our feet-apparently their preferred snack spot.
Turn the new cups so all the bottoms of the cups face the same direction.
Some of these so-called tumor suppressor genes function in normal cells but turn off when the cell becomes cancerous.
Drug-induced senescence appears to turn these genes back on, halting cell division.
They need a neck to be able to turn their head and look round without moving all four limbs.
The beasts trumpet loudly, flap their ears and turn in circles.
They key, they say, is to find and destroy the viruses before they turn cancerous.
If you turn off the car and let it cool eventually you can start driving again.
Functional brain-imaging studies have consistently failed to turn up any region of the brain that is perpetually inactive.
The city can even offer a free compost collection service, then turn around and sell the compost to farmers.
Second, turn questions of opinion or ideology into empirical questions.
The chapter covers how to turn interest in a topic into a research question that's worth trying to answer.
The reduction of salary should, however, turn out to be temporary.
The reader is able then to see immediately the footnote and gain that info quickly instead of having to turn back in pages.
As a result of that provision, universities have often become refuges for rioters and protesters when things turn violent.
Ants protect aphids and they in turn provide them sweet excrements from abdomen.
The groundwater brings with it salts that can damage hieroglyphic artwork and turn limestone to powder.
New video of huddling penguins shows the birds do the wave-not to show team spirit but to give each a turn in the toasty center.
Splash in the wine or sherry around the side of the wok, continuing to turn and stir.
Mounds of dirt, in turn, sometimes topped the structures.
It was an eye-opener, with virtuoso dis-plays of color at every turn.
Turn right on the wave-patterned promenade and follow the beach.
Turn on the lights, scratch my head, and do something else.
First cut through the folded side, then turn the card around and cut toward the fold.
However, as they return upriver to their spawning grounds, their bodies turn bright red and their heads take on a greenish color.
The animal's only reaction was to slowly turn and amble across the roadway.
But fortunately for all concerned, such relationships seldom take a lethal turn.
When those pulses arrive at the other end of a fibre they, in turn, trigger the release of more neurotransmitters.
We all know which was to turn the thermostat when someone says turn the temp up or down.
The question is why financial systems are so liable to turn foreign credit into ruinous busts.
Then, when electricity is needed, the air can be released and used to turn a generator.
The plug-ins, in turn, are a bridge towards all-electric vehicles.
His biggest problems lie at home, where his slender victory is yet to turn into real power.
There is a risk that in their discomfort governments turn to an old, but false, friend: protectionism.
Countries that have leant on exporting cheap goods to the rich world need instead to turn to internal sources of spending.
Yet the industry is struggling to turn all these economic and environmental benefits into reliable revenues.
Their actual use may turn out to be to provide power for portable electronic devices.
The end of the military veto against the left encouraged it, in turn, to adopt more responsible policies.
That, in turn, can be burned to generate electricity.
The devaluation of the drachma against the euro would turn any debts that remained in euros into a crippling burden.
The likely result is that more consumers will turn to rail for domestic travel.
But occasionally amphibian development takes an odd turn.
But the suggestive shapes usually turn out to be whitecaps or a cloud's shadow.
He can then, if you will, afford to turn his attention to photography.
The key factor is that everybody eats, so it's someplace where everybody's going to turn up eventually.
Gaze uses a web cam to track your eyes and essentially turn them into a cursor.
It is doubtful that anyone would take their own life because their career didn't turn out exactly as they planned.
Turn into a scalded coffee-pot, add one pint boiling water, and boil three minutes.
Turn thee, turn thee on thy pillow: get thee to thy rest again.
The smartphone has voice and on-screen turn-by-turn directions for walking, driving or public transit.
Such confrontations always have the potential to turn nasty: they often involve a minority that wants them to turn nasty.
The startup's goal is to help companies turn their customers into more loyal, higher spending customer-owners.
They can't make any demand to turn the heat up or music down.
Some of the data turn out to be mysteriously missing.
Quickly toss to coat the onion in oil, then turn the heat down to low or medium-low, and let it ride.
Turn slices over and sprinkle evenly with brown sugar.
Transfer dough to a lightly oiled large bowl and turn to coat.
While dried chestnuts soak, bring dried apple and juice to a simmer in a small saucepan, then turn off heat.
Local officials often turn a blind eye to abuses, and when they do act, punishment for the guilty is light.
You've got to turn the slices occasionally and press the ends down with a spatula to get them to cook evenly.
Maybe this is what happens when you turn forty-five.
It's better to step back before you turn, for example.
For now, the boxes and the phone calls persuade me that things could turn around at any moment.
That, in turn, made others more anxious: less willing to lend and more interested in holding onto their money.
In other words, an ant's tendency to turn towards a pheromone deposit is related in a non-linear fashion to the concentration.
Normal enzyme concentrations turn the dots on the top row blue and yellow.
If they reach the bloodstream, they can turn deadly.
Innovative training software could turn back the clock on aging brains.
The electron beam circulates around the ring and collides with a laser pulse at every turn, emitting bursts of x-rays.
If undetected by your dentist, these early signs of decay could turn into painful cavities.
When this current returns to the box, it's amplified and used to turn a red light-emitting diode on and off.
The dot is connected to wider regions that have contact pads used to turn the transistor on and off.
Put a thing of butter into the pan and turn the stove on medium.
There was a demographic that may have found that a bit of turn off.
Gorham discussed his ideas with some small companies, which in turn mixed up the scents.
Jack now needs to turn the light back on lest the entire island be destroyed.
The harvesting of resources results in money, which should in turn foster growth and prosperity.
Boundaries dissolve everywhere they turn their pretty heads.
Biochemists turn to mussels for a real bonding experience.
It wasn't until the turn of the century that it began to be accepted as a kind of standard practice for journalism.
Some clones turn a brilliant, shining yellow that almost seems to generate sunlight.
Any prey that can boost its defenses further will, in turn, be favored by natural selection.
The water heats the plant, and the plant in turn warms its surroundings.
Green algae may rely on quantum computing to turn sunlight into food.
But next the story takes a surprise turn, from destruction to construction.
There turn out to be consistent and permeating differences between the two.
The first chirp triggers a spike of voltage in some auditory neurons, which in turn causes some other neurons to fire as well.
In turn, legislators are pushing for more oversight.
Then they turn to their friends or family, and the laughter rolls out of them as though it were as natural as breathing.
By the turn of the millennium, my argument was beginning to gain ground.
All these theories are tentative at best, and some will almost certainly turn out to be wrong.
And while the world cattle population has doubled since the turn of the century, it hasn't grown at all in the past eight years.
If you have to shut off the water to your house, turn the handle on the valve clockwise until it stops.
In severe cases, if left untreated, they may turn into serious medical conditions.
With this new setting, it is no longer necessary to turn and look into the blind zones.
And sometimes users complain they turn on the phone's light too slowly.
The authorities should turn a blind eye to violence as an inevitable by-product of revolutionary mobilization.
When unfamiliar underpants turn up in her clean laundry basket, her thought is not that the boyfriend is a philanderer.
History has taken an odd turn in the last few years.
But, of course, such a relaxed and decorative concept of poetry could not long survive the turn of the last century.
To turn away from those origins, however, has always seemed to me an utter impossibility.
The former may well turn out to be true, but in my opinion the latter would be a much more interesting conclusion.
As the plot unfolded, almost every turn had a familiar ring.
Parents insist that how kids turn out depends on when they were born.
Specifics draw people in, but give too many and they turn their attention elsewhere.
Turn-key installation to include demolition and removal of old system, plus installation, testing and training on the new system.
Drivers attempting to make a left turn are sometimes frustrated by the inability to turn due to the amount of oncoming traffic.

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