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Example sentences for turmoil

The turmoil led to the emergence of several rival sects, each one vying for dominance.
Such enrollments typically dip in times of financial turmoil because such study can be seen as discretionary.
Cathy is amused by his awkwardness-more concerned about how he's feeling than she is about her own turmoil.
Religious faith is both a universal source of community and a universal source of turmoil.
Archival and new maps trace the battles, political turmoil, and great themes of the war.
They can expect to live a long, peaceful life, free from diseases and turmoil.
With the market in turmoil, the only safe bets may be at the box office.
The stage of adolescence that follows is often a period of increasing strength, but also of emotional turmoil.
Amid the turmoil and excitement, numerous political currents competed.
Few presidents have entered office with an economy in such turmoil.
Thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts on the turmoil in the subprime mortgage markets.
Financial turmoil lowers real activity expected to accompany a given level of the federal funds rate.
Domestic premiums are stabilising, after plummeting during the turmoil.
No single model has emerged from the turmoil either wholly vindicated or entirely discredited.
But despite all this turmoil, it has found some macroeconomic steel.
Domestic premiums are stabilising after plummeting during the turmoil, but growth is likely to be anaemic.
At a time of economic turmoil, that is a priceless achievement.
Yet students of economic turmoil will find their subject matter conveniently close to hand.
But the uncertainty created by market turmoil gave him a good reason to wait while still stressing medium-term inflationary risks.
Blackmun and his team have met the managerial challenges left by a decade's worth of intermittent turmoil and internal battles.
Amid the global turmoil, their expectations for rising incomes are at the lowest level recorded in years.
First came the period of ceaseless revolution, with all the widespread turmoil and suffering it perpetrated.

Famous quotes containing the word turmoil

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