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Example sentences for trouble

Computers have great trouble deciphering voices that are speaking simultaneously.
However, it is great that someone finally put effort into making the letters that usually trouble dyslexics more discernible.
When the bandages at last came off, he had trouble with depth perception and gauging distances, problems that would bother him.
No surprise, drunk animals were more relaxed and had less anxiety, and had trouble learning to avoid possible danger.
Although, strictly speaking, the trouble isn't of his making.
Scientists find clues to why adolescents seek out and find trouble.
What you might not know about them is they're graceful, they can swim, and they're in trouble.
Alcoholics have trouble understanding jokes, but they may be missing out on much more than a chance to laugh.
We, on the other hand, have trouble imagining that kind of society.
As usual, he found them-but not without deep trouble.
If ranchers want to move their cattle into subsidized grazing area they are asking for trouble.
If you're going to flub a power-drive, this is the club for bailing you out of trouble.
But they can and do climb trees to sleep, eat, or look out for trouble.
The fact that they're not could spell trouble for humans, too.
Arizonans get into more trouble with poisonous creatures than do the residents of any other state.
The flooring of our coop has caused some trouble over the seasons.
Unfortunately their ivory has gotten them into a lot of trouble.
In other words, it figured out whether or not violating the social norm would get us in trouble.
The trouble is, our friends keep having afterthoughts, and they write all over the margins.
The trouble with conventional wisdom is, it's conventional.
There have been plenty of drones, so she shouldn't have any trouble getting mated.
And that means that if the bat populations start suffering, the forests may be in trouble.
Trouble is, these ballast water pools typically harbor lots of aquatic species.
The older one has been through fire and back, the younger one can't stay out of trouble.
Customers have obviously had no trouble finding them.
The trouble was that no one could agree on what it was or its relevance to the evolution of other animals.
Even gardeners, it seems, still have trouble seeing the value in anything that isn't from somewhere else.
And yet, they've been eating them for months and never had any trouble.
Spotted-wing drosophila: new trouble for west coast soft-fruit growers.
Infected fish are physically stunted, and their muscles are so weakened that they have trouble swimming or even pumping blood.
Many of us have seen trouble coming for a long, long, time.
The trouble is, the results aren't really what you'd expect from either.
As has been mentioned, this student is probably having trouble finding someone to write a letter for them.
The pioneering astronaut foresees hotels in orbit-and trouble down below.
In this extended family, people gather to pray in times of trouble.
The parents having trouble with their toddlers usually weren't spotting the tiny cues that signalled those crucial moments.
Faculty members who say they have never had trouble locating material because it was improperly.
Poor fuel economy can be a symptom of car trouble, or driver trouble.
For three large males to quiet abruptly surely meant trouble.
The trouble is, it's worse than your phone in almost every way.
Wet winters can spell trouble if deep snow impairs their movement or covers their food.
For all their individual talents, the musicians had trouble finding a groove.
His back legs are really weak and he has trouble laying down and standing up.
Trouble is, they haven't proven that any problems exist.
Unclear, mixed and unachievable expectations can mean trouble.
The trouble with the military approach is that it is extremely expensive and yet addresses none of the underlying problems.
Trouble is, these two guys couldn't be more different.
It's the only tuna that can be labeled white meat tuna and it's not in trouble.
The hug a tree people would try to set aside land and stir up a lot of trouble.
But many poorer residents rely on buses to get around and they were having more trouble.
We were warned by well meaning friends before he was born that his name will spell trouble.
The trouble with cities is that they require external support.
But of course, all the hives have some kind of trouble.
Meanwhile, scholars fear offending either group, getting in trouble and losing their jobs.
Depositors might be induced to withdraw their money by fear that the bank might be in trouble.
With too little coal and wobbly customers, the private firms that have built new power stations are in financial trouble.
The immediate source of trouble is the euro area, which is struggling to stop the spread of its sovereign-debt crisis.
Respected figures find themselves defending discredited theories or justifying why they failed to see trouble coming.
Any longer and the six-party process would be in trouble.
Now, discoveries about genetic triggers may help us spot trouble before it starts.
It got so bad she had trouble walking and spent months on steroids.
Sniff the chimpanzee gave food to a hungry primatologist who was having trouble getting his own.
Here are some measures you can take to avoid trouble if you're caught in a tsunami.
At the approach of trouble, ostriches will lie low and press their long necks to the ground in an attempt to become less visible.
He is asked only to stay in fighting form and to defend the regime in times of trouble.
Now that poor weather has returned, more trouble has followed.
In developed countries, doctors monitor liver function frequently, changing or stopping medication at the first sign of trouble.
The trouble is that when antimatter and matter collide, both vanish in flashes of energy.
The trouble with digital photography is that it is so damned predictable.
Often, the trouble isn't what you're saying but how you're saying it.
Do these cyberattacks right-and openly-and the belligerents will think twice before starting trouble.
Blackberry's once-mighty manufacturer is in trouble.
But in a world that's having trouble providing enough water for everybody, recycling makes sense.
It's not predictions in general that will get you into trouble, though.
As the water becomes more acidic, corals and animals such as clams and mussels have trouble building their skeletons and shells.
These patients have trouble controlling their movements partly because their brains lack the neurotransmitter dopamine.
In one, for instance, the data showed that the pilot had trouble rotating the plane during takeoff.
Interfere with those stronger neuronal connections, and a brain can have trouble laying down new memories.
The trouble comes in when you try to translate that simple implication into an observable experiment.
For older people who already have trouble sleeping, the researchers say that extra tossing and turning could be the cause.
There aren't any shy extroverts, because in them anxiety takes a different slant: tendency towards acting out, a trouble-maker.
Collectively, those pathogens can cause a lot of trouble.
They rarely initiate social encounters, and often have trouble even meeting someone's eye.
Maybe they have trouble forgetting things they should forget too.
The trouble comes when people who are larger-than-life continue to consume excess calories.
The trouble with that process is that it could prove unwieldy.
The main aim is to aid those who have trouble expressing themselves verbally.
Rather than endure further trouble he committed suicide.
We need not trouble about the incidents of the campaign.
Among the instances here given, there is scarcely one in which variation might not have been avoided with a little trouble.
The first was not worth the trouble of writing, so he preferred to attempt the second.
But, one mistake later, the eighth-grader who had never known trouble faces five months in a military-style boot camp.
Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.
When plagiarism lands an administrator in trouble, it is usually plagiarism of the more familiar variety.
But here is the thing, we've had trouble getting people together.
We've had trouble getting people to even respond to our e-mails.
It's fairly light, and fits in a decent-sized purse or bag without any trouble.
Other lawyers have proposed even more grounds for legal trouble.
Scholars in the field point to three sources of trouble.
The debt collection agency did not trouble us again.
If you have no trouble believing that, please keep it to yourself.
There's another key that's causing some trouble, and that's the key to why this show is still on the air.
Even many of those close to him had trouble sorting out that question.
She'd had no trouble with any of her school subjects.
When the fires started approaching, some had trouble reaching the local authorities.
Unsurprisingly, the less people know, the more they run into trouble.
There are many reasons, mostly economic, for why the yearbook should be in trouble.
They struggled in stressful situations, often had trouble paying attention, and found it difficult to maintain friendships.
Their capital markets remain shallow and prone to capital flight at the first sign of trouble.
The problem is, it is almost never the tricky hidden terms of those loans that get people into trouble.
If you stayed away from trouble for a year, your family could come and walk around the prison rec yard with you for a few hours.
With an automated program, making thousands of attempts is no trouble at all.
It turns out that if you self-monitor this way, you can really be in trouble in a sports situation.
They normally have trouble making eye contact and are awkward around other people.
Trouble here is that the range of specs could have been easily produced with both hand held and projectile weapons.
He slowly regained an ability to follow verbal commands, and he had no trouble moving normally, but he wouldn't speak to anyone.
People with this form of agenesis have trouble moving information from one hemisphere to the other.
If you're having trouble with the site, please let us know.
And as tax revenues dropped, state governments also found themselves in trouble.
We, by contrast, had trouble distinguishing our fantasies from everyday life.

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