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Perhaps the current trend of many chess professionals taking up the more lucrative pastime of poker is not a wholly negative one.
Almost before this page comes from the printer, the trend may quite likely change.
Walker's wild appeal against the trend of the times showed how the world was changing after the coming of the cotton-gin.
Armed with such logic, a coalition of the hopeful is trying to buck the rude trend, even to reverse it.
If you see that there is a trend that something is happening you want to jump on the bandwagon and be part of it.
Those in better quarters also showed a trend toward a reduction in mortality.
The distinctive thing about this trend is that the companies involved aren't simply making stuff abroad and then shipping it here.
The barefoot running thing is actually a popular trend in the running community right now.
The findings fit with numerous studies supporting a long-term global warming trend.
The trend is likely to worsen as water temperatures continue to rise, the scientists say.
But no one knows whether this indicates a trend or is simply a meaningless random clustering.
The latest trend in mountaineering may be pushing climbers over the edge.
If the warming trend continues, the underarm venting system is ready.
The long-term trend towards earlier retirement has stalled.
Some market segments, such as high-quality paper for photo printing, may buck the trend.
But they will develop some skills that should help them in future, and that signals a big trend.
It is a partial reversal of a trend that seemed inexorable until recently.
Sorting this chart by sales instead of by date makes it almost impossible to see if there's any real trend.
The trend has gathered strength quickly, mostly because of concern about the nation's expanding waistlines.
The leaders were determined to reverse this grim trend.
But experts worry the trend might now go into reverse.
It goes against the general trend towards counselling, mediation and out-of-court settlement.
The good news is that this trend is ideally suited to the times.
But there's another interpretation possible here, based in part on a handful of anomalies in this trend.
Some in the publishing industry have noticed the trend.
The trend of switching to quality beans is unfolding across the spectrum of hotel types.
The findings in this year's report demonstrate a continuing trend in scientific innovation.
But the vast new effort is indicative of a broad trend up and down the region.
But economic recovery will not make the trend disappear.
Creative people take sensible risks and produce ideas that others ultimately admire and respect as trend-setting.
There has been a significant trend away from that practice from quite sometime now.
And this appears to be a continuing trend in the digital arena as well.
The trend now is for universities to post the full text of dissertations online.
Our contemporary version of this trend, though, has become skeptical even about skepticism.
He thinks the trend toward increasing graduate enrollments should be discouraged.
There is a disturbing trend across universities to try to balance budgets with extramural research funds.
The environmental reasons behind the bamboo flooring and furniture trend.
Some years afterward a warming trend forced it into retreat.
The researchers noticed a trend during these innocuous cool downs.
We notice a short stretch of cool days and ignore the long-term global-warming trend.
It represents a trend towards portability and miniaturization as our technology gets better.
The milestone itself isn't nearly as significant as the trend.
One is the trend towards more minimal, readable designs.
The trend is diffuse, and its precise dimensions are difficult to limn.
That's why you rarely see unemployment trend much below that percentage.
The second trend is the triumph of the health care sector.
The trend toward unification and simplification is a major theme of modern physics.
Another research group has already predicted rapidly melting sea ice this summer, and the trend shows no sign of abating.
Some believe they may be a manifestation of a long-term cyclical trend.
It shouldn't surprise anyone, there is the general trend of populations becoming lighter as one moves away from the tropics.
And once again, this trend has nothing to do with what the characters on the shows actually said, or how attractive they were.
With the personal genomics trend continuing to accelerate, this was perhaps an inevitable development.
The environments continued to open up, the trend continuing till today.
Instead they show a trend of concealing and obfuscating.
Imagine expecting to see such a trend in your data and then actually seeing it.
We're seeing a huge trend for colorful lips in varied finishes, and dramatically smoky eyes.
There is even a trend toward abstraction, particularly in landscapes inspired by the blur of scenery glimpsed from a moving train.
Though safety experts deplore it, the criminalization of airplane accidents is a growing trend worldwide.
If the upscale shops and restaurants near campus are any indication, the trend has continued if not accelerated.
The trend is being fueled partly by improvements in the digital sensors that capture images in lieu of film.
The trend in semiconductors including image sensors is to higher density.
Another trend is the development of its digital media content and services.
Growing trend and history reveal that not everyone in a given system is a committed apostle.
The trend of the last sixty years has been the fairly relentless improvement of the human condition.
But that is not the trend shown by what museums buy.
But the trend still means that pasta is claiming a larger portion of the average grocery basket.
Bright green may not be in this season, but eco-friendly makeup has trend written all over it.
The trend lines closely mirror the economic downturn.
Public-health experts and obesity researchers attribute the trend in part to kids' increasingly sedentary lifestyles.
But this is the trend now, to worry about our appearance.
In all, though, the trend toward online memorials is an excellent one.
Recently it seems that this loudness trend is perhaps even reversing, but it's a bit early to tell that.
Trend may refer to the changes observed at a single site, or to changes through time for a group of sites within a region.
If trend sites are selected randomly, the changes observed at those sites can be generalized to the larger region.
Trend data identify if the area covered by a particular land cover type is increasing, decreasing, or remaining unchanged.

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