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Example sentences for travesty

And so, he turned the travesty magnificently to the uses of satire.
But this, from the perspective of history and tradition, is a confectionery travesty.
But it's a travesty that so many are coming home to an unemployment check.
We know that the muscling aside of term limits, whatever the law's merits, was a travesty.
The retraction that does not spell out what's wrong is not a retraction, it's a joke and a travesty.
What a travesty of misplaced priorities this would be.
Our current system is a travesty for true entrepreneurship.
Handing them or easing the means to a degree would be a travesty of the first order.
The country has ended up with a travesty of good governance.
The notion that this makes a case for lower taxes now is a travesty.
The way data have been put together is a complete travesty.
It is a travesty that the first comment to this post is spam.
The fault, however, is with those who dreamt up this travesty of an economy in the first place to fill their own pockets.
We would consider it a travesty to hold a trial in a football stadium with hundreds of thousands of spectators.
Most educators find the decreased attention to social studies a travesty.
Fulltimers, and those that get coverage from their jobs go about saying this is a travesty.
Should have spent more time monitoring this travesty instead of messing around with this piddle stuff.
The biggest travesty is usually when they run out of caviar.
What we've done in quality with boards historically has been a travesty.
It is a travesty that clinical trials have not yet begun.
To me, charging folks a fee to pay their bills is a travesty.

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