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It is transparent, with no obvious colours except for some small brownish spots.
As butter starts to sizzle, add onion and cook until transparent.
There was ivory in it, and some transparent crystalline substance.
Archer continued to stare through her as though she had been transparent.
It is a remarkably transparent system, your benefits are based on your income and the average rate of wage growth.
But this layer can also be made transparent, so that the display can also be backlit and used in darkness.
It is electrically conductive, strong and transparent.
It is a public program whose future budgetary risks are highly transparent.
His government has also been far more transparent than its predecessors.
Government statisticians insist that everything will be transparent.
In general, the more open the society, the more transparent the company.
Pressure on companies to become more transparent is also increasing.
Academic administrators have a responsibility to act in as transparent a manner as possible.
She emphasized that she had been transparent about the direction she intended to take the university.
There is little disputing the need for higher education to be transparent and accountable.
Others have proposed public online data repositories, which would make all data transparent, including failed replications.
The tenure process should be as transparent as possible.
The group released the names of three finalists for the position last month in an effort to make the search process transparent.
Make the results easy to read and make how the data were gathered transparent.
Equal access to education needs, first of all, a transparent government and higher education system.
Grading to motivate doesn't work if you are transparent about the grading process.
Thank you for being completely honest and transparent in your experiences.
Indeed, universities ought to be completely transparent about all aspects of their president's compensation package.
They could publish clear and transparent data about their school and their admissions statistics.
But the process was not transparent enough for me to judge whether that was correct-then or now.
Put down those knives-this transparent amphibian allows for observation of its innards without the need for dissection.
In addition to the top and bottom eyelids, there's a mostly transparent lid that cleans the eye and protects it when underwater.
Their shells were so thin they were almost transparent.
The fossil dissolved, exposing a flexible, stretchy material and transparent vessels.
Tornadoes' distinctive funnel clouds are actually transparent.
Others are almost clear, or transparent, so you can't see them either.
Other snails have transparent shells or body parts that glow when protruding, but not this one.
When stressed, corals expel the algae that live in their transparent outer tissues, exposing the corals' limestone skeletons.
On the floor and walls are clumps of smaller crystals, sharp as blades and flawlessly transparent.
The webbing would then turn a nearly transparent white.
The deep green of the wild mosses growing along the bank contrast beautifully with the transparent water.
In a more transparent credit market, almost everyone would have been better off.
He was a little too gentle and transparent to be as good a poker player as he was a reporter.
Dancers file across a stage, then loop around a transparent curtain.
Corporate governance gets more transparent worldwide.
The process is transparent, and both the buyer and the dealers involved see all of the offers that come in.
Plasma can be hot enough to glow, but it is not transparent.
To produce the map in the first place, though, requires an enormous transparent medium.
It's also transparent and highly flexible, making it an ideal candidate for making better electronics and other devices.
It is a universal methodology that renders the structural dynamics of the creative process transparent.
It's a transparent conductor and as such it can be used as touch screens, solar cells, light panels.
At near-infrared wavelengths, the dust becomes almost transparent and the pillars practically vanish.
Think if it as wrapping yourself in transparent plastic and sitting out in the sun.
If he gets sick, the out-of-pocket expenses could be ruinous, no matter how transparent and fair the exchange was.
It is a pervasive obstacle to legitimate and transparent economic globalization.
We need a system that will live up to our expectations, a system that is transparent and proficient.
He has built the framework for transparent governance, and created an increasingly viable economy.
Nearly transparent, slightly yellow crystals are feldspars.
They are designing these services to be transparent, intuitive, and delightful.
Whether the surface looks reflective or transparent depends on the balance of light on both sides of it.
There is no unified, transparent nuclear-weapons budget.
It can push colleges to be more transparent about their costs and benefits.
The rice goes from being transparent to being opaque, and seems filled up.
The greenhouse would consist of a thick skin providing thermal insulation, with small transparent windows to admit sunlight.
The devil is always anxious to be enlisted against himself, but his reasons are tolerably transparent.
To some designers, it represents a kind of transparent beauty, rational and modern.
The flour helps to make the blood mixture less transparent and will aid in application.
Yet a serious, transparent review of the intelligence system's strengths and limitations is overdue.
The longer her shutter stays open, the blurrier and more transparent bodies will appear, until at last they disappear.
Though his writing is transparent, he himself remains something of a mystery.
He withdraws and longs for the tranquility of a little intellectual house on the plain by a transparent river.
The world that presented itself to us became a transparent surface, through which one could see the whole history of life.
Even cultures that are more accessible and seemingly well known are not necessarily transparent.
The commercial-real-estate loan market is generally less transparent than the market for home loans.
Rather than markets working toward transparency, they discovered how to make things less transparent.
There's something that's completely transparent about her, a glowing quality that's quite striking and delicate.
Our new government is struggling to adjust to a transparent way of doing business.
It was horrible, her belly was swollen up so much her skin was almost transparent, you could see the veins.
The barreleye fish has eyes that gaze upward right through a transparent shield covering its head.
They are smoother, they work under high pressures, and they can be made transparent.
In a second step, the shape-colour morph is used as a semi-transparent layer on top of the shape-only morph.
And it's too transparent a ploy to be worth making an effort for.
The stars are visible because the clouds in those parts of the shot are more transparent.
Even with that transparent rationalization, it still doesn't work.
He argues for transparent scientific process not any old process that supports your viewpoint.
Present your discovery in a way that is complete, transparent, and unambiguous.
Some of the human biases in our quest are transparent.
But maybe this next time we'll strike transparent gold.
Too hue-saturated for these spheres to reveal their transparent nature.
But as long as there's a letdown, it won't become ubiquitous and transparent.
It would not be technologically transparent and probably not durable.
The mirrors redirect the beams to an array of optical fibers, which carry the beams onto a transparent polymer screen.
Transparent crab shell holds the secret to bendable screens.
Making the wires thinner makes the electrode more transparent, but at the same time, the thinner wires have higher resistance.
It's also an excellent heat conductor, and is transparent and flexible.
They make bendable solar cells by encapsulating the entire cell inside a transparent, rubbery polymer.
We should do everything possible to ensure that new voting technologies are accurate, reliable, and transparent.
Initially, these molecules have an orderly crystalline structure that renders them transparent.
The fish are transparent, making them easy to observe during development.
At first sight, these new materials are simply odd: thin as a hair, transparent and full of holes.
The algae are pumped along through enclosed, transparent flow channels under sunlight.
One of the significant downsides is that the process leaves the plastic opaque, not transparent.
Check out this incredible video of transparent eels.
It is sold in a variety of colors and packaged in transparent plastic bottles.
No flattery is too transparent, no compliment too broad for him.

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