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Samaras is the guy running toward the tornado when everyone else is running away.
We called him for his take on the missile photo and some other images from a tornado video that some say are forged.
It survived a tornado in tact along with a dozen discs.
New technology increases tornado warning times, experts say.
From the flapping of a butterfly's wings, a huge tornado can arise.
Each truck moves into position to view a tornado from a different angle so the data will be more complete.
So far, scientists say there's no good evidence for or against a climate change influence on tornado behavior.
In addition to the rotation, there are strong upwardly directed winds in a tornado.
If you do it too readily and there's no tornado people will tend to dismiss them after a time.
It took me months to figure out that it was the weekly test of the tornado warning system.
Once a tornado hits the ground, it may live for as little as a few seconds or as long as three hours.
Electrical discharge is also seen within hurricane, tornado and volcanic plumes.
If you build your house on the plains you have a chance of a tornado.
Guy swirls the controller to whip enemies up in a flaming tornado.
Rare indeed is the chance to witness the stupendous power of a tornado.
Then create your own tornado and see the damage it causes.
Whether it is an earthquake, hurricane or tsunami or tornado.
Sound simply cannot escape the eye wall of that super-tornado.
There are no hurricane fighters, no tornado-fighters.
Because wind is invisible, you can't always see a tornado.
Knowing what to do when you see a tornado, or when you hear a tornado warning, can help protect you and your family.
Tornado drills should be different than fire drills.
Too much or too little of one ingredient and there is no tornado.

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