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Example sentences for torment

For example, spider monkeys loved to torment howlers.
But if you talk to these people, some of them will tell you that they live in torment.
There is fire and torment, and unspeakable practices, dwelled upon at length.
Welch's narratives tend to be accounts of resignation, misfortune, or torment.
Each knew she was unstable and vaguely understood that psychological torment somehow produced good poetry.
No matter how violent his torment, he retains full artistic control of the tragedy which he is living through, but also writing.
The fluid that only a few days before had been their fortune was now their torment.
Sure enough, those in sere training found that they would say anything to get the torment to stop.
They are cold, cartoonish attempts to escape the inner torment that her poetry described.
The biting flies and ants were to us a source of discomfort and at times of what could fairly be called torment.
There shall no wight serve other, but of harm and of torment.
The governor, in a rage, paused to devise some unheard-of torment for him.
He then caused him to be taken off and laid upon the ground, strewed with red hot tiles, which put him to inexpressible torment.
By this last torment he obtained a crown equal to that of his brother.
And the intelligence that would have made this state of things a torment had gone.
Whence the poor soul suffers an incomprehensible agony and torment.
Never physically confront, feed, torment or throw anything at bears.
As the youngest of three boys, there were equal amounts of idol worship for his brothers, and playful torment from them.
Kids no longer need muscles to bully and torment their peers.
Over water, hurricanes torment ships and can disrupt commerce.
Instead, they recounted tales of high school torment as fresh as their faces.
Several teens reportedly took their own lives rather than face ongoing torment from their persecutors.
The members of their families also endured torment, the agony of prolonged separation or of having no word of their loved ones.

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