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Example sentences for tongs

Using tongs and a hot pad, lift rack with jars onto edge of canner.
Remove the jars with tongs and then allow to cool overnight.
But iron slippers had already been put upon the fire, and they were brought in with tongs, and set before her.
But iron slippers had already been put upon the fire, and they were brought in with tongs, and set before her.
Transfer the opened clams with a pair of chopsticks or tongs to a warm serving platter and keep warm.
The heart leaps at the sight of a waitress, tongs in hand, offering an extra helping of fries.
He's the sort to invite everyone over so he can brag about his new satellite dish or his array of spatulas and tongs.
Use a pair of long tongs to remove the lobsters when they are ready.
Turn the pieces to brown the other side, and then transfer them to a bowl using tongs or a slotted spoon.
Have long-handled tongs, a metal fireplace poker and heavy work gloves for building and maintaining campfires.
Customers are welcome to choose their own baked goods with a pair of tongs and present their treats at the counter for bagging.
Most of the people in the tongs could be perfectly respectable.
When they are crisp and golden, remove them from oil with tongs.
Using tongs, add each lobster to the steaming pot, and cover.
Add cilantro stems, then carefully add half of crabs using tongs and return to a boil.
Transfer with tongs to an ice bath and let stand until completely cooled.
Drain spaghetti in a colander and add to onion mixture, then toss with tongs over moderate heat until coated.
Immediately transfer with tongs to an ice bath to stop cooking.
Transfer with tongs to a large bowl of ice and cold water to stop cooking, reserving cooking water.
During moving or placement wide belt slings or slab tongs shall be used.
One of the results of this law was to encourage the growth of tongs, providing protection otherwise lacking.
Bottom types were determined using probing pipes, patent tongs, and a dragged acoustical device.
Wearing heat-proof gloves and tongs, remove the boat containing the mixed oxides from the tube furnace.
The use of utensils, tongs, deli paper or sanitary gloves for the service and preparation of ready-to-eat foods.
Workers wear disposable gloves and use metal tongs when preparing isotope doses.
When a jam occurred he would use tongs to lift up the end of the ice and turn it in place.
When it is not possible to make holes in or to weld pads to the plate, alligator tongs, grab clamps or screw clamps may be used.
These delectable bivalves are harvested using hand tongs, winch-powered tongs and by dredging from skipjacks.
They must use gloves, tongs, utensils or tissue paper between the hands and the food.

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