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Bamboo could bring some warm feeling to the room while linoleum and tile are bringing cold feeling.
Thus each place cell fired for only one location, much as would a burglar alarm tied to a particular tile in a hallway.
The pattern of rep-tiles can expand infinitely: they tile the plane by making larger and larger replicas.
The elevator opens onto a stone-tile foyer centered on a bubbling koi pond.
The store has replaced carpet with tile, high counters with low, and made room for a long communal table in the middle.
But basically my first thoughts were technical-and my first reaction was tile.
And since each flat tile is relatively simple and easy to make, it becomes much cheaper and easier to build complex cloaks.
The idea is to study the shapes that fit together to tile a plane and to clearly label the sides that end up being adjacent.
It turned out to have lost a heat-protection tile, but fortunately an aluminum plate happened to lie beneath the tile.
She was kneading a deep yellow piecrust on a counter that was a single piece of tile.
Floors and walls are of tile, steam-cleaned three times a day.
The bottom of the swimming pool is decorated with two blue-tile dolphins.
Tile impact damage was also recorded on the majority of flights.
The soft gray walls and mushroom-colored concrete counters subtly complement the tile.
Paint and tile helped take our remodel from glum to glam.
The white subway tile backsplash in the remodeled kitchen highlights the warmth of the new wood cabinets.
After completing the design and allowing the caulking to dry, she applied tile grout and left it to dry overnight.
In the bathroom, blue tile and colorful accessories pop against an all white interior.
Heavyweight forged-steel easel holds many of our personalized tile products.
Its splendor lies partly in the masterful glazed tile work, the colors of which change subtly with the light.
She walks briskly across the tile floor of her office and riffles through a row of files.
She then brings up a white marble tile, about three inches by three inches.
The concrete floor, tile walls, and big sink gave the place the ambience of a morgue.
Slip the bar under the tile above the broken tile and raise it up.
It's unclear whether these tiles have flown in space or are spare parts used for tile replacement.
They quickly dispatched a team to fix the damaged tile.
The units are outfitted with granite counter tops and ceramic tile floors.
The bright, spacious accommodations contain tile flooring, refrigerators and microwaves.
It's missing in places where the ceramic tile meets the tub.
After several months, the grout between the sink and tile cracked.
Armor-Tile installations are attached with adhesives and mechanical fasteners.

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