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Intentional lumps and unevenness and tangled textile fibers give the fabric a heathered look with lots of texture.
US textile manufacturers are exploring an innovative way of making clothing, furniture upholstery, and other products from corn.
Many were highly skilled machine operators in the textile industry.
Textile and paint manufacturers are looking for eco-friendly ways to create brilliant colors.
Instead, use a special washing product sold by textile restorers or museum suppliers.
Widely renowned, highly respected and well loved by all in the textile industry.
It is home to an annual fiddlers' convention and, less happily, a huddle of textile and furniture factories.
Those machine-smashing textile workers were reacting to immediate threats, such as losing their jobs.
Can be easily thwarted by a well-thrown textile or shoe.
Fashion will go wired as technologies and tastes converge to revolutionize the textile industry.
Tourists and textile exporters, who fled when the barricades went up, are coming back.
Some textile items were so precious they would be taken apart and remade, or repurposed, for other uses.
Also there's a practical reason: a knit garment stretches more than a woven textile.
Regulators say the high-starch spuds will likely be used by paper and textile companies.
Fiber crops, such as cotton and hemp, are harvested for textile and paper products.
They ended up in a windowless room in the museum's textile department for cleaning and repair.
The inseam of the pajamas was stamped with purple letters within a circle, the seal of the textile company.
But hostility to business, the collapse of textile factories, and labour and capital flight have all battered industry.
Modern baseball manufacturing requires expensive state of the art textile wrappers.
Labelling of textile products, items of clothing, accessories and household linen.
Modern designers clamor to work with this family-owned textile manufacturer.

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