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Grant wanted to testify at the corruption trial of his secretary, but was talked out of it by his cabinet.
When they did, the nominee usually was not invited to testify.
One of the other two would have to testify against the other.
At the trial, which may be years later, eyewitnesses usually testify in court.
Photographs and other historical records testify to the former abundance of the sea.
Two defence witnesses were made to testify in secret.
Sedimentary rocks such as sandstone also testify to the quicker days of yore.
Supporters and detractors were called to testify at a podium a few feet from the president.
And even then he didn't testify under oath or by himself even.
No proponents of free speech were invited to testify.
Then did she testify and cross the knees, even the silk covered joints, and weep.
He was a forensic accountant by trade, and would constantly testify in court using a lot of his math and accounting knowledge.
Even these simple examples testify to the power of regular expressions.
Regulators and independent experts will also testify.
In any case, officials say, they lack the authority to call on prominent politicians to testify.
We thank you again for the opportunity to testify today and look forward to working with the committee.
He also said that no witnesses would be invited to testify.
The first thing that the dreamer has to testify is that the occasion for the dream is touched upon in its manifest content.
The eye was placed where one ray should fall, that it might testify of that particular ray.
We may testify that it is a reaction to the perception of external danger, viz, harm that is expected and foreseen.
He learns that she is going to testify against him in court.
Thousands of users will testify to their complete satisfaction.
Candle burn marks on the frame, which is original, testify to the picture's use as a private devotional image.
My director had to go and testify in a court hearing concerning one of the orphans.
As any logician could testify, however, these premises have no necessary relationship to their conclusion.
People who were alive then will gladly testify that this was a real and historically significant accomplishment.
The tree's misshapen trunk and blown-out top testify to a rough life.
Today, our genes testify to these prehistoric liaisons.
The genomes of the living lizards testify to their weird origins, but it's much harder to actually witness these beginnings.
While computers have long been able to identify strings of keywords, anyone who's used a search engine can testify to its limits.
And many stories testify that the disciples too are as impressive in their teaching as in their scholarly productions.
Thirty-six pages of bibliographic references testify to the breadth of research that has gone into this work.
Thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today and testify about the shortage of immune globulin products.
Thank you for the opportunity to testify this morning about research issues related to pathological gambling.

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