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The point is, adjuncts can solve their office-space problems with some resourcefulness and tenacity.
Foremost of all is the lesson of tenacity, of stubborn fixity of purpose.
The study of a habit of mind, with its tenacity of life, is an instructive and entertaining branch of history.
There is nothing surprising in this extraordinary tenacity.
But he more than made up for it with strength and tenacity.
Physiological ecologists conducting studies on these popular laboratory invertebrates praise the horseshoe crab's great tenacity.
Their tenacity and volume are based on what they see.
In part, the cedars' tenacity may be explained by the help they receive from other members of the cliff ecosystem.
Eventually, he called the fight a draw, although the company clearly supported the tenacity of the underdog.
But it is unlikely that anyone will match her tenacity in trying to make the stories come true.
Never have cheekbones been so sharp a metaphor for granite tenacity.
Using the same tenacity as the original settlers, modern innovators work to create jobs and solve social inequities.
Securing the portraits required tenacity, quick reflexes and the wiles of a fixer.
Those inclined to behave legally need patience and tenacity.
Through all the brutality, and the peaceful tenacity of the protesters, people's eyes are starting to finally open.
Actually, the systematic non-compromising perseverance and dogged tenacity are what makes this security successful.
His tenacity and political skill have caused problems for the government during his time as shadow education secretary.
And you have the tenacity to call me under influence.
His productivity as a receiver is a tribute to his tenacity and persistence.
Yet in spite of its tenacity, its future is uncertain.
Learning about their tenacity, courage, and creativity throughout the centuries is a tremendous source of strength.
Her boldness and tenacity were remarkable in an era when society was obsessed with the trappings of gentility.

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