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He worked all kinds of jobs-selling newspapers, driving a taxi, making dollhouses.
Or a time you grabbed a magazine off a newsstand, or raised a hand to hail a taxi.
They kept beating my head and preventing me from getting a taxi.
Eventually they'd stumbled into a taxi together, weak with laughter, their arms around each other.
He joins a group of volunteers-fishermen, shopkeepers, and taxi drivers-gathered around tables under the restaurant awning.
It's usually pretty easy to find a reasonably priced shared taxi between smaller cities.
People thrusting their hands through the taxi window, begging.
Exclusions include taxi riders and emergency vehicles, such as police cars and ambulances.
If you can't still find a taxi, you may be able to rent a bike.
Taxi drivers held a one-day national strike to protest at a scheme to increase the number of licences.
Gone are the sweaty officials and greasy baggage handlers of yore, the taxi touts and shoving crowds.
Bus routes have been set up and kamikaze motorcycle-taxi riders forced to wear helmets.
The threat to the taxi drivers parked outside the show is obvious.
And marauding taxi drivers took advantage of the chaos to raise their prices tenfold.
Around the same time, a bomb was reported to have exploded in a taxi parked near the city's main airport.
My taxi pulls right up to the high razor-wire fence.
Most economic activity-cutting hair, driving taxi cabs, renovating houses-is still performed on a small scale.
They could power electrically driven wheels, letting an aircraft taxi without using its main engines.
The prudent, especially taxi-drivers, keep their tanks topped up in preparation for a potential hurried escape.
In the daytime its a pain to get out of the city in a taxi.
These have been bad weeks for the city's entertainment industry and night-shift taxi-drivers.
We taxi past the world's biggest airport terminal, which will open here tomorrow.
Next set would go to taxi companies, to rent to drivers.
It was mainly used as a taxi and didn't appeal to private car buyers.
And if you take the red-eye, you will still eat up rest time in a taxi getting to a hotel.
Taxi drivers complain that the bonanza they expected during the games has not materialised.
Take the river taxi at the south end of the city all the way past the main temples.
One is the tourist boat and one is a local river taxi.
Tequila is actually the name of a town, which can be visited either on a bus tour or by hiring a taxi for the day.
The motorcycle taxi drivers are still delivering people to and fro.
Among them are a dozen monks, who have come by taxi and will have to return to their monasteries by the end of lunch.
These streets are full of motorbike taxi drivers snoozing under gnarled tree trunks.
So your only real option for getting around is taxi.
It's also cheaper, faster and more comfortable than a taxi, so don't be taken in by persistent touts.
One motorcycle taxi driver took a rubber bullet to the jaw.
Taxi phone or cabs are available at curbside of baggage claim areas.
Please consult your taxi dispatcher or driver on arrival for current fares and information.
Report items that have been lost or found in a yellow taxi.

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