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Example sentences for taunt

Civil rights protesters did not use violence nor did they obnoxiously taunt their presumed antagonists.
Labs are made for carrying around something and the parrot would taunt it constantly.
The only thing that surprises me is that nobody's thrown the eugenicist taunt at anybody yet.
When someone is mentally ill, you don't take it personally, and you don't taunt them back and mock them and gang up against them.
They taunt the bull until it charges, at which points they stab the bull in the shoulders to anger it.
Schoolmates taunt him, and even his own family has begun to reject him.
Whether she was having an affair or not, taunt him with it.
Cruel stepsisters taunt the heroine and treat her unkindly.
If wildlife is encountered do not taunt, touch or feed, and enjoy watching from a safe distance.
Other voices counter that without financial access, innovation is a cruel taunt.
Do not taunt a bear if it fails to respond to your efforts to frighten it.
There was corroboration that staff mock and taunt residents.

Famous quotes containing the word taunt

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