takeoff in a sentence

Example sentences for takeoff

In one, for instance, the data showed that the pilot had trouble rotating the plane during takeoff.
The device had produced as much noise as a jet at takeoff.
Electric propellers used for an initial boost would fold into the plane after takeoff to reduce drag.
Dawn was making science fiction a reality even before takeoff.
If a horse falls or slips during takeoff or landing, it might injure them.
So if the batteries are fully charged then they have quite a boost already on takeoff.
Build take off lanes with takeoff ramps from highways.
They board the plane, hug their co-workers, and immediately begin to prepare for takeoff and beverage distribution.
He had been winking at me since takeoff, but now he made his move.
The plane shivered and taxied back to the hangar twice before takeoff.
Bullet trains travel faster than a commercial jet at takeoff.
Temporary blindness and disorientation are not qualities you look for in a pilot, especially during takeoff and landing.
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