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Bread: a simple staple at the center of almost any meal, on every table, across the globe.
Pivot, a console table with a slight profile, has a flexible fanlike structure that allows its drawers to open simultaneously.
The tiles sit within a frame on the table top but are not permanently secured, and can be removed and washed if needed.
And the newly defined codes of conduct were especially important at the dinner table.
Position your arrangement at one corner of the table for a more casual look.
Apart from your roof, probably the biggest off-ground surface outside your house is the garden table.
The second table simply combines the rankings of today's table with yesterday's five year debt trap table.
Then have them write fact sheets to be placed on the table.
Academic scientists and clinicians need a place at the table with government and industry scientists.
And yet few stopped to consider their maker, who at times sketched one or two product ideas an hour at his drafting table.
Two mirrors, some paint, and liquid silver leaf were all that was needed to bring some style to this side table.
The table isn't really that long, maybe eight feet or so.
Where data in a table represent a ranking criterion, the ranking figure is shown in brackets.
On a private terrace framed by trellises full of fragrant jasmines are chairs and a table.
Imagine that you are playing pocket billiards on a pool table that is three meters long and one meter wide.
Fortune found fresh tea set to dry on large woven rattan plates, each the size of a kitchen table.
Turn a deep photo frame and similar-sized side table into a venue for celebrating treasured keepsakes.
There are way too many coffee table books featuring human celebrities.
By early evening, every bed and examining table was occupied by a wheezing and often panicky worker.
Create a mini forest for your table from elegant branches and twigs.
As an easy experiment to try at home, put a little table salt in a flame.
More than two dozen timber rattlesnakes were basking in the hazy sunshine, heaped in an area the size of a card table.
For example, up until the redesign immediately preceding the present one, the table of contents occupied two facing pages.
Table sugar, that bane of nutritionists everywhere, may be on the verge of redeeming itself.
Some flit from table to table, machine to machine and game to game.
The fracking water will move upward until it meets the water table.
In fact, the answer to this invasive species problem may lie on the dinner table.
Overcome by anxiety and dread, she excused herself from the dinner table and escaped to the bathroom.
It's why you can sometimes peel large globs of acrylic paint that have dried on the floor or table away in one big piece.
The best teaching doesn't always happen around a seminar table.
In light of those abuses, here are some pragmatic recommendations that ought to be on the table for discussion.
The table also shows the highest and lowest projections for growth.
Or you may upload your reference table to check your samples against it.
On weekday mornings she sits down at her dining-room table to write.
He left a series of four-year-olds alone in a room with a marshmallow on the table.
The last thing you want is to be in a strange land and let people think your table manners are for the dogs.
By that yardstick house prices seem low in only a handful of countries in our survey, as the final column in the table shows.
Twenty percent of watermelons never make it to the picnic table.
Here are a few suggestions to round out the table fast.
The report's proposals are the best ones on the table.
So if your a pro-lifer and have any moral integrity nuclear power plants wouldn't even be on the table.
The dining room table is made with wood recycled from a bowling alley.
The ordinary picnic table and benches were used for a movie set.
Probably could last forever, but sooner or later spring flowers arrive to take their place on the table.
Ketamine powder seen spread out in lines on a table.
The four companions now sat down at the table, well content with what was left, and ate as if they were going to fast for a month.
He rose, laid some money on the table, and sat down again.
From the other end of the table he reached across for the cheese.
When she got to her own room she bolted the door and drew her dressing table across the doorway.
Simply cook the food and serve it and watch as those at your table devour the meat in a kind of trance.
At the table, each guest is served or helps himself to both fish and soup, placing them in a large soup plate.
At the adjacent table, peruse the dessert selection, with marzipan and expensive herbs and spices.
We'd usually give the kids some jobs, setting the table or helping with cleanup.
These tales have spawned legal battles, comics-page yarns, and endless dinner-table diversion.
No morning ritual of reading the cereal box at the breakfast table.
These three crops complement each other both in the garden and at the table.
The scientists produced a vial of soy sauce and placed it on the kitchen table.
Meanwhile, other writers seem not to appreciate the trade-off that's actually on the table.
These were set as a proportion of the annual intake of students to the programme as shown in the table below.
Eating one properly takes three steps: first, forget your table manners.
The experimenter watched the proceedings from across the table.
But the stability at the top of the table belies the churn further down.
They ponder the selections in their table-top jukebox.
Please ensure that your seat belt is fastened, your seat back is upright and your tray-table is stowed.
To keep growing, the business will have to stop leaving money on the table.
It's time for lunch and you can sit with people you know, or you can join a table of complete strangers.
Billions were pulled off the table, and the community-college plan was shelved.
That's because the table becomes the remote control.
There's even a stuffed white mouse resting on an entryway table.
Participants would place their hands out of view, perhaps under a table, while an artificial hand sat atop of the table.
There was thus no obvious head of the table, and everyone involved had an equal status.
It helps to first examine a much simpler problem such as an elastic collision on a pool table.
Which puts them at the head of the table for this research effort.
Basically, the situation resembles detaching a piece of adhesive tape from a table.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and the deceased to the breakfast table as delicious reprocessed protein food products.
Astrometry has been on the table for decades but had yet to uncover any convincing evidence for new planets.
And in fact, this is not what is going to happen in the current scenarios on the table.
There is no water table in them and nobody has even bothered cleaning them up.
On the table there were plastic bibs to tack to your clothing.
When it started, you were lucky if people had any kind of sign, or a table covering.
Back to the drafting table: under revamped plans, a refurbished sign will glow again from atop the remodeled refinery.
Inside, bowls of clotted cream sat on a table and jugs of yogurt lined shelves.
He rented the bed he was lying on as well as the couch and table in the living room.
The gummy edge makes it easy to prop the tablet up on a table or desk, or even those fold-out tray tables on the airplane.
Unlike the other icons at the table, there is no human placing his bets and playing his cards.
Think of them as a book cover with a table-of-contents to help you find your way around.
At the blackjack table, speedy math skills can flip the advantage from the house to you.
We spent about two weeks talking about this every night at the dinner table.
It was an electric toothbrush that turned on when it pressed against the table but was packed too tight to vibrate.
The demolition die is placed in the center of the table, within easy reach of all the players.
So no real current table exists that can truly predict the future.
In another scenario, a car owner might leave a car key on a table near a window.
The right amount of impact is different if the device is rigidly supported by a table, compared to being hand held.
If you look under the table upon which these transactions take place you will see a twelve volt car battery.
They were arranged down the center of the table and dramatically illuminated by gold and silver candelabra.
We spread them on the table with our hosts, opened a bottle of crisp white wine, and went to town in the warm evening air.
We added some milk slowly until the dough formed a ball, then dumped it out onto a floured table.
He'd forgotten an order, he explained while excusing himself from our table.
There was a small balcony with a couple of wrought-iron chairs and a table.
Nobody wanted to believe inspections had anything of value to bring to the table.
Leaving options on the table is a not-so-oblique way of threatening war.
The four of us were sitting around his kitchen table drinking gin.
As the industry moved away from cider-making and toward table fruit, some of these apples were named, propagated by cloning.
Each of us sat at our own private table and played big.
With the exception of the press table, the audience will invariably be excited to be there.
He's pushed all the chips toward the center of the table in what may be one of the biggest bets in the history of human endeavor.
Because timber for building seagoing canoes vanished, fish catches declined and porpoises disappeared from the table.
The table shows bootstrapped admixture estimates and standard deviations.
When it comes to bridge, however, no single player knows precisely how the cards are distributed around the table.
The military option was never officially taken off the table.
We work to put food on the table and a roof over our heads, of course.
Hart leaned over the table to spoon some chicken noodle soup from a bowl.
Then he gets up, goes outside and returns to his nothingness at the table.
But there is no reasonable argument for taking military action off the table.
The only way to get inside without paying for a room is to book a table at one of the hotel's costly eateries.
Therefore, no arson data are published in this table.
It appeared she'd had a heck of a good time at her table, so more power to her.

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