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It misses nothing: your swing speed, your launch angle at impact, the ball's spin and velocity.
Our first swing was mounted horizontally, allowing for several little ones to swing at the same time.
If the swing had not been preserved on videotape, fans might have trouble believing it existed.
As a result, commodity prices tend to swing more violently than the prices of manufactured goods.
As the astronauts took an extra swing around the planet, the sky cleared enough to satisfy flight controllers.
On solid ground, the wings would swing into clamshell compartments, protected by a steel keel.
So be sure to swing by while you can see these four svelte felines while they're on display.
Keep your arms and shoulders rigid, so the swing can originate at the torso.
The pendulum swing enables great creativity-not to mention individualism.
We're forced to swing into the pounding waterfall, an awkward maneuver that slams us both into the rock.
As people walk, they typically bob up and down by several centimeters, which causes a pack to swing up and down.
The giraffe's slender legs point skyward, then swing sideways as it collapses in the desert dust.
WV is not so much a key swing state as an unimportant red state.
Helens from her backyard swing set, safely out of the blast zone.
My little sister jumping out of her swing in mid air.
We swing our binoculars around to watch a phalarope, a white bird no bigger than my hand, paddling in tight circles on the water.
The basic idea is to take a bucket of water and swing it around in a circle over your head.
The swing in monetary mood has been little short of manic.
Dancers swing the mask in sweeping motions to represent the arc of the sun.
These shoppers tend to suffer from bipolar disorder, which causes them to swing between periods of depression and mania.
Putting is simplified to be a triggered action rather than a full swing simulation.
No, but apparently right wing hysteria is in full swing.
Three days have come and gone in this trip and things are in full swing now.
Here's a poll that might change that, because it focused on swing voters.
If they don't cancel this time but manage to swing apart for a time.
If you live in an area where winter is still in swing you can try this one too.
If you can swing it without rental income and you will use it, great, go for it.
Swing your arms forward, touching fingertips at waist level.
The town's cultural calendar is also in full swing during the summer season.
Sadly, your living room is not actually an open court, and your swing is cut short by the wall.
And sleep there if you can swing it-it's worth the splurge.
In this case, it helps the racket adapt to your swing style and gives you better control.
The small, bolshy faction the resigned ministers belong to lacks the power to swing any no-confidence vote.
Unable to swing by it, it uses its tail to establish dominance by waving it about after saturating it with smelly secretions.
Indeed, a swing of the pendulum seems to be under way.
But there is more to this transformation than a standard swing of the business cycle.
He needs to make sure that public opinion does not swing behind the strikers.
Unexpected, large repairs would have been a lot more difficult to swing.
Or swing by your favorite pizzeria and ask if they sell dough.
Some of the time in these neighborhoods should be in the evening and late at night if you can swing it.
If you swing your bow around to the left, you'll see it, sitting far off in the distance.

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