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He has promised to fight his suspension in the courts and refused to resign.
Most tadpoles are suspension feeders, filtering out tiny particles while continuously pumping water.
Supporters question motives for suspension of government scientist.
Then the pieces were dipped into a vat of ceramic slurry-a suspension of silica flour and liquefied plastic.
Books find a home alongside art and other treasures on these lightweight suspension shelves.
Officials lifted the suspension after a preliminary inquiry found that only one of the reported incidents was directly.
The suspension of services sent relations between the two neighbours into a spin.
The suspension is designed to provide time for a more thorough review and revision.
Food wasn't scarce, though it took some ingenuity and the occasional suspension of the laws of science.
Alcor has recently adopted new suspension protocols, which vitrify rather than freeze.
But until it becomes law, that suspension is not likely to happen in any systematic fashion.
They then moved the cells into a suspension containing growth factors designed to encourage differentiated growth.
The result, now a pale pink suspension containing millions of the stem and regenerative cells, is ready to go.
For undergraduates, a one-year suspension was generally the maximum penalty for a repeated plagiarism.
The suspension allows your feet to make better contact with uneven terrain, while reducing movement and impact.
The engine is stock, and the bike has the usual suspension and exhaust upgrades.
He added that the exchange had planned the rule suspension as a temporary measure.
It really does not take a lot of gee-whiz suspension of disbelief.
Stocks to-day are unchanged, but will advance to-morrow under the relief of suspension.
Now the number has dropped to zero after a temporary suspension.
Subsequent penalties would result in suspension from play.
Everything from the car's flamethrower to the rear suspension was meticulously wired to be controlled from this hub.
These are pulled tight and act as a kind of spring suspension.
All suspension parts, axles, and drive- shafts are external.
Rubber suspension bushings were replaced with race-spec aluminum.
The rear chain-case you see also supports the wheel and suspension.
It has mountain-bike suspension, an aluminum frame and a low, sleek design for cornering.
They take the form of an emulsion, a suspension of extremely small particles in a liquid that can be injected into a patient.
There are three mechanisms that move the snow: creep, saltation, and suspension.
Apparently not, if such suspension of critical thinking and outright lies about the subject matter is offered as an example.
Explain that this is due to the magnetic field, as well as the fluid suspension.
Were the particles of ejecta of substantial size, the water may well remain in suspension.
It was a drought-dry summer, and in the suspension of rain everything seemed to flex.
It is difficult to find serious security reasons for the presidential suspension of due process.
For many people, these arguments require a willing suspension of disbelief.
But something in the plot has to account for this suspension.
The player's suspension of disbelief is also tested in the way the door itself gives way when the villain flies through it.
But as good as the suspension is, the brakes are even better.
Also comes with dual suspension and fat rugged tires for intense mountain biking.
We called and reiterated the policy and told him if he did exceed it again in six months, he would face suspension.
Keep your pants on, too, or face a year's suspension.
Many drowned when they leapt from the suspension bridge into the water.
Melo had continued practicing with the team during his academic suspension.
He will begin serving his two game suspension immediately.
Advil in your backpack will get you a one-day suspension.
To punish them, he imposed a partial suspension from volleyball.
My willing suspension of this ability would have been a gross dereliction of official and professional duties on my part.
But on dry, uneven roads, the suspension tends to jiggle.
If it should fold, or even go into suspension for a time, the peace process will be in serious trouble.
The rest goes on giving it a distinctive body and cabin, while honing the brakes, steering and suspension.
Suspension of the federal gas tax is an empty gesture, no question.

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