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Many such apologies surface in online responses to articles on part-time and non-tenure-track faculty members.
The inferior surface is concave, and forms on either side of the middle line the roof of the lateral ventricle.
As she gazed at the brown skillet marks on the surface of the bread, a familiar visage snapped into focus.
We all but eliminated lawn surface in favor of trees and perennials and the climate did the watering.
The moon is our close cosmic neighbor, and humans have been exploring its surface ever since they first developed telescopes.
However, some of the steam will collect near the surface of the meringue.
There was no room left for escaping oil in the dome, which also became buoyant and rose to the surface.
Oil from the spill seeped between the rocks and still lies undisturbed in the sediments several inches below the surface.
Surface uses under-the-table projection to produce the tabletop image.
Scientists theorize that a layer beneath the surface in these areas was once soaked with water long enough to form the spherules.
The beetle gently probed the surface of the car with its forelegs.
Another application of mortar or grout creates a level surface.
Bubbly seawater is less dense than ice, so it would rise easily to the surface through cracks in an ice crust.
If you blink too quickly, you may not be fully shutting the lid and allowing the tears to spread over the surface of the eye.
Despite their scarcity, they can easily be spied at these spots, breaking the surface in gentle arcs in pods of three or four.
Adaptation is the name of the game when you live thousands of feet below the water's surface.
The goal is to thoroughly challenge any new paving techniques and see how the road surface holds up.
Most electric ranges today have a smooth cooktop surface.
Remove the screen from the window and place it on a flat surface.
For years, scientists have argued that water striders propel themselves by creating surface waves that carry momentum backwards.
As air-breathers, they must come to the surface frequently.
Wind farms can change surface air temperatures in their vicinity.
Inside, the crew would suit up-a process that took about two hours-to explore the lunar surface.
If chinch bugs are present, they'll float to the surface.
The result is a thin reflective layer that floats on the surface of the oil.
Surface winds are slowing far and wide, a new study says.
The cerebral cortex is the structure that gives the organ its convoluted surface.
No, a gentle giant, a placid consumer of tiny prey that spends a lot of time basking at the surface.
The outside texture of the pancake depends on the surface of the griddle or pan and how much oil you use.
Thus a substantial amount of salt spread over a large surface can actually thaw the ice.
Lightly dust each piece of dough and then place the dough on a lightly floured work surface.
The helicopter hovered above the surface for a moment, then crashed into the water and began to sink.
Then reduce heat so bubbles that form on pan bottom only pop to the surface occasionally.
The signs of those trails were, however, near the surface.
The total energy would be the same for the entire surface but per unit of area, less.
Electronic depth monitors have shown that some whale sharks descend more than a mile below the surface.
High temperatures won't damage it, so you can put hot pots and pans on the surface.
Each arm would be made of a plastic film that could be rolled out onto the surface of the moon, either by robots or by astronauts.
It is called logging because in this state, a dolphin resembles a log floating at the water's surface.
Jon is smacking his hands against the surface of the water and lurching forward.
Many adults were strong enough to swim across, or tall enough to keep their heads above the surface.
The hot water from the street runs through them, warming the groundwater, before returning to the surface via another pipe.
Sunspots have long been known to appear and disappear from the sun's surface.
Note that it's not necessary to roll the new lawn's surface with a water-filled roller.
Businesses and housing can be made close to center city with an underwater footprint--and little surface blight.
The packed gravel is a permeable surface that lets rainwater drain so feet stay dry during wet winters.
Knead dough on a lightly floured work surface to expel air.
Creeping perennials that spread by surface and underground runners to form low, dense foliage mats.
Good shade or specimen tree for larger gardens or parks, since it requires space for its invasive surface root system.
Stamens protrude beyond curved surface of flower head, giving illusion of pins stuck into a cushion.
With its generous surface area, it's great for stir-frying or sautéing.
But troweling the surface smooth does require skill.
Spreads fast by surface runners that root more add to my plant list.
Peel under cold water and enjoy feeling the shell slip off the smooth surface of the egg.
Plant from nursery containers with the base of the plant slightly above the ground's surface.
Light shining through the plume of matter coming from the surface provides information about the plume's composition.
Upwelling is a process in which currents bring deep, cold water to the surface of the ocean.
Water ice and organic molecules have been discovered on the surface of an asteroid for the first time.
The surface trains are nicer but not much more reliable.
The droplet boils away explosively as soon as it hits the surface.
The conveyor belt is powered by the pull of water sinking from the surface to the seabed in three places.
To determine how water-repellent a given surface is, scientists look at the shape of a water droplet on that surface.
They have less surface area to get rid of heat with.
In this case, the elastic adhesive pulls tighter to the surface to which it is attached, increasing its stickiness.
What appears on the surface often has a deeper meaning.
It can be painful, but it works to bring the subconscious ticks to the surface.
There may also be lasting advances in dealing with deep-sea leaks and surface spills.
There are all kinds of strange problems that can sabotage you, and more of them are likely to surface the longer you take.
Searches, she reminded me, involve so much more than what appears on the surface.
They appear as dark patches in the photosphere-the surface layer of the sun-that come and go.
The sub then slid back into the water stern-first before finally coming to rest on the surface.
The middle of the road is all of the usable surface.
In theory, it can move so fast that ripples on the surface are no longer able to escape back upstream.
Starting with her photo of a red beetle, she overlaid a shot of a concrete wall to create the textured surface of the final image.
Now, this vignette may on the surface not seem to be about work or my relation to it, but it is.
Spreads fast by surface runners that root at joints.
We did this to motivate students to reach deep within themselves to find that genius that has been lurking beneath the surface.
Then, when snow or rain wash them onto an ice floe, they darken its surface and thus cause it to melt faster.
Then determine how much surface area you need for pushpins, magnets, and chalk.
But the experience has never been too far below the surface.
So far, dispersants have mainly been applied to surface slicks by spraying from planes.
On the surface of things, the community college appears to be the best value in education.
There's a positive feedback loop that is leading to the changing of the nature of the surface of the ground.
They will take readings every foot to measure how much the bomber's surface is corroding in the water.
New mud bubbles-smaller fissures where mud and gas escape to the surface-continue to pop up across the landscape.
Occasionally, one would lift off the bottom, grab an insect off the surface and drop back to its chosen holding spot.
When you are near the ocean's surface, many whirlpools appear to be nothing more than confused water with occasional rogue waves.
They hide from predators by diving beneath the water's surface, where they can stay for up to five minutes.
The data on which the contemporary surface temperature record is based, though, is rich.
Instead of a flat surface, his design uses a type of porous silicon, the surface of which is riddled with tiny pits.
Most of these satellites circle only a few hundred kilometres above the planet's solid surface.
When it rises towards the warmer surface the wax melts and expands, which compresses a tank of air.
Dispersants cut the oil as washing-up liquid cuts the grease on dishes, allowing oil on the surface to spread down into the water.
As new allegations of lawbreaking surface, journalism itself is reeking.
Warm seawater, taken from close to the surface, is pumped so that it trickles down these units.
The virtual buttons could be summoned by waving a hand at a motion sensor, and would then appear on an ordinary surface.
The division of the heart into four cavities is indicated on its surface by grooves.
The prepuce is also cleft on its under surface and forms a sort of hood over the glans.
The medial or nasal surface presents a longitudinal furrow, corresponding to the crest on the lateral surface.
It has been suggested that this phenomenon may be explained by alteration in surface tension.
The urethra enters the bulb nearer to the upper than to the lower surface.
Its fibers extend from the upper to the under surface of the organ.
Researchers have created a technology that makes almost any surface liquid-repellant.
It also signals when to rise to the surface for a fresh breath of air.
Scientists have posited that a portion of it evaporated into the atmosphere, but that the rest lies beneath the surface.
Dimples on a golf ball create a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that clings to the ball's surface.
Both species of sea turtle dive and find their food at the ocean floor in shallow waters, but they then surface to breathe.
Around the world, surface winds are slowing down, a new study says.
Explain that volcanoes occur when extremely hot liquid and gas from deep underground comes to the surface.
As the surface heats up, so does the air above it, causing it to become less dense than surrounding air and rise.
The strong winds of a hurricane may actually decrease the salinity of surface water by hastening this overturning process.
Forecasters use the output from these computer models, satellite and radar images, as well as surface and upper-air observations.
It's really a surface chart combined with a color-enhanced infrared satellite map.
The curvature in the jet stream and upper-air flow can have significant implications for surface weather.
Even though it might be invisible, a vortex is reaching the ocean surface from the cloud.
On the surface, it seems easy to dismiss the nothing-to-hide argument.
The surface extends floor to ceiling, edge to edge and is slightly matte, so it can double as a projection surface.
It makes you pay close attention to the verbal surface, so that you can't slide past the details.
In a lab environment, a book also makes an excellent surface on which to draw or write while recording data.
Sometimes, those frustrations can bubble to the surface and they erupt on social networking sites.
If you are concerned about potentially damaging information that could surface, keep reading.
On the surface it sounds impressive that software can improve a student's grades.
On the surface, faculty selling desk copies doesn't seem to play a role here.
Decide whether it valorizes culture too much, or puts too much stock in narrow, surface empirical positivism.
Lift top off cake and set cut side up on a work surface.
The whole point of galvanizing is to create a surface that resists corrosion and weathering.
Mount two inexpensive mirrored cabinets next to each other to create one seamless surface.
Smooth your surface, remove weeds, and outline the edges.
To make the surface durable, apply matte varnish according to the manufacturer's instructions with a foam roller.
Dampen board surface by brushing with water and blotting off excess with a cloth or paper towel.
Then spray adhesive to the flower, being sure to cover the entire surface.
Blot any juice from the cut end, then tap it onto your ink pad to cover the star's entire surface.
Cutting, slicing, and dicing may also transfer harmful bacteria from the fruit's surface to the fruit's flesh.
The surface reflects about half the light that strikes it and lets through the other half.
Sprinkle the work surface lightly and evenly with a little flour.
In life, or on the surface, they're often as scattered and unremarkable and superficial as the rest of us.
But, on the surface, the disparity in different sentences for the same offense seems unfair.
Underwater mortgage borrowers aren't going to get closer to the surface anytime soon, according to this poll.
The opaque pane becomes crystal clear as soon as the honey has compensated for the surface irregularities.
The sauce is ready when it is as thick as applesauce and the oil forms a dark, deep pool on the surface.
As the island of knowledge grows, the surface that makes contact with mystery expands.
It's as if prose is a horizontal structure, built across a surface, while poetry is a catacomb.
Acts of remembrance can surface out of daily rituals, even interrupted ones.
It allows us to tell a different sort of success story, an inner story to go along with the conventional surface one.
Kael looked below the surface of a movie without ever giving up on that surface.
He was joined on the bridge by a stocky gentleman who reported having seen a big round head come to the surface.
Dishes arrive on wooden boards with a slightly adhesive waxy surface, so that artful presentations don't slide around.
Even if it appears to be in mint condition, the surface may still have some fine particles on it.
For answers to this week's contest, look below the surface.
Ice bares its teeth on the surface of the mud puddles.
Even an apparently innocuous miso soup had one bobbing cheekily to the surface.
Another calls for constructing a vast network of tubes for sucking cold water from the depths of the sea to the surface.
She was lost beneath the surface for thirty minutes before her parents found her on the pond bottom and pulled her up.
He zoomed in on the upper-left edge of the parchment, and pointed to a small mark on the surface: a fingerprint.
One way to boost the performance of any solar cell is to increase the surface area available to incoming light.
One is to texture the metal surface and then put a water-repelling chemical coating on it.
As the liquid solidifies, this hydrogen would be released and escape through the surface of the planet.
The power of a telescope is proportional to the surface area of its mirror.
It will give them new mobility and flexibility on the lunar surface while still protecting them from its harsh environment.
But traditional approaches, which use an electric current to change the surface shape of a liquid, require a lot of power.
The researchers graft a single layer of a branched polymer on the surface of the shape memory polymer.
The basic challenge in ocean simulation is to reproduce the shape of the water's surface as well as the way it reflects light.
The researchers can spread the display over a curved surface without affecting performance.
Cancer cells have many more folic-acid receptors on their surface than healthy cells do.
Evaporative cooling--blowing air across a wet surface to promote evaporation--has long been used in so-called swamp coolers.
In an adsorption chiller, evaporated refrigerant is adsorbed-it adheres to a surface of a solid, such as silica gel.
Stir with your hands until a sticky dough forms, then turn out onto an unfloured work surface.
Season with salt and pepper, then cover surface with wax paper.
Sift flour in a mound on a wooden board or work surface and make a well in center.
Put baking sheet with pastry on a work surface and unfold any edges so pastry is flat.
Remove bouquet garni and skim any fat from surface of stew.
Gather dough into a ball and transfer to a lightly floured surface.
Spread top of hot toast with all of shrimp mixture, packing it down into a thick even layer and covering surface entirely.
Dust work surface with additional flour, if necessary, to facilitate rolling.
Pour into a bowl and cover surface with wax paper or parchment.
Tilt mold sideways and tap side of mold against a work surface, turning it, to evenly break seal and loosen cranberry sauce.
Spoon batter into pan and rap pan against work surface once or twice to eliminate air bubbles.
And, as mentioned, a two-dimensional sphere is the two-dimensional surface of a ball in three-dimensional space.
It is a strong and stately order with few surface frills.
They eat yeast that grows on the surface of the decaying fruit on which they live.
The need of a constantly expanding market for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the whole surface of the globe.
It was a sense that beneath our surface differences, we're all the same, and that there's more good than bad in each of us.
On the surface the military government gives the appearance of carrying on a revolution.
The world that presented itself to us became a transparent surface, through which one could see the whole history of life.
Even here there is rather less difference between us on the facts than may appear from a surface reading of his essay.
And of course there are larger questions crowding the surface of these troubled waters.
Much of the language in this section maintains the neutral tone of a report, with angry ironies noted beneath the surface.
Those last four words make little sense on the surface and no explicator has taken them up.
The idea for such a work is more complex than it would seem on the surface.
Each looked for larger patterns under the surface bitternesses of their day.
If the air speed is sufficiently low then the air flows in a simple smooth pattern over the surface of the ball.
It is something that comes from underground and stays at the surface.
The landers, rovers, and other junk left on the lunar surface by the astronauts are totally invisible.
As you might expect, this affects how water evaporates off the ocean surface, and therefore rainfall across the world as well.
Underneath that surface simplicity, water's mysteries run deep.
One of the biggest differences between water and an oily liquid such as octane, a component of petroleum, is surface tension.
Even though it is now far, far brighter than it used to be, the expansion actually cools the star's surface.
Actually, crater counting gives us only relative dates, unless it is calibrated using a surface dated in the lab.
By cooling the surface of the ocean, the plan attempts to sap energy from growing hurricanes.
The surface of the balloon is seen all around the ant.
The sticky end, the dopa portion, adheres to a surface-pretty much any surface-and is hidden by the rest of the noodle.
On the surface there is a small seiche, barely a ripple, perhaps an inch high.
Once at the surface, wind and sun cause the water to evaporate.
Place dough ball in the bowl and rotate until the entire surface is buttered.
He got toward the base of the face, still well above the bottom, and rounded out of the drop as the surface curvature allowed.
When the hole opens, the surface material simply drops to the bottom.
We're now off the beach and on the surface roads, and the traffic is already heavy.
And this barely scratches the surface of the unknowns.
Captivated by the moonlit fish under the water's surface, he often envisioned their fleeting forms as beautiful mermaids.
The only thing that happens is once the book goes to print, other things always surface.
It took three weeks for details, however sketchy, to surface.
Shrunken and formless, the ruined raft lapped about on the ocean surface.
But if you look around and scratch the surface of respectable society, you'll see them all right.
Pry under the shocking surface, though, and you also find even more unsettling questions.
The surface of the tent would heat up, and you'd get convective currents, so all of a sudden there was a breeze.
In the evening hours, however, his humanity usually made a swim for the surface.
Most telling of all was the pattern of craquelure, cracks in the paint that had appeared as the surface dried and aged.
The colonization of the mind still persisted, with trauma right below the surface.
And that barely scratches the surface of his remarkable life.
But the other is always there, burning below the surface.
Once there, they play out the internecine rivalries that have long simmered beneath the surface.
My pores seem almost nonexistent-the surface smooth and fine lines seemingly diminished.
The resulting picture is exquisite and gets beneath the surface of every detail.
On surface maps you will often see station weather plots.
Surface ocean currents, which occur on the open ocean, are driven by a complex global wind system.

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