superhighway in a sentence

Example sentences for superhighway

Down a bit on the information superhighway, the road ends.
Most companies are better at giving employees access to the information superhighway than at teaching them how to drive.
The result is that congestion on the information superhighway at rush hours rivals congestion on conventional highways.
Picture the system as a spinning superhighway, divided into myriad narrow lanes.
He doesn't see these boxes as part of the unitized superhighway of the networked economy.
If this is the information superhighway, we'd better get in the fast lane.
Location, value, convenience--the retail superhighway has got all that.
It's not even the longest superhighway in the interstate system.
Computer literacy is the data superhighway learner's permit.
Support learning opportunities through libraries, the information superhighway and emerging technologies.
Students and teachers would have full access to the information superhighway as well as to appropriate educational software.
Although the atmosphere may not be a great storehouse of water, it is the superhighway used to move water around the globe.

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