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The festival is a three-day-long celebration that combines sumptuous feasts as well as rigid fasting.
The doctors trade their time for sumptuous cuisine, paid for by the sponsoring drug company.
The memory of the glamorous carriages, sumptuous cuisine, and personal service will stay with you forever.
Two sumptuous new coffee table books offer decidedly different insights into the enigmatic colossus.
The elegant rooms are beautifully decorated with old-style furniture and sumptuous fabrics.
Sumptuous singing and lyricism at the keyboard are always collectable.
Sumptuous fact-finding trips are an easy way of making hacks' heads softer and hearts warmer.
It is kept in a sumptuous subterraneous chapel in this church.
And yet with all this he combined great pretensions to elegance, to sumptuous dress, and noble bearing.
He inveighed exceedingly against sumptuous banquets.
And the majority of movies can't be called visually sumptuous.
Whether it's the times or his touch, the collection appeared too sumptuous for its own good.
Slide behind the wheel into the sumptuous leather seats.
Cruise ships have many tempting food offerings, from sumptuous breakfast to midnight buffets, and everything in between.
The historic inn, filled with period furnishings, provides a sumptuous homemade breakfast daily to guests.
Guests can partake in an everyday delectable and sumptuous lunch buffet, served in an ethnic setting.
The screening room is smaller than is typical of multiplex facilities, and the seats are both sumptuous and well-spaced.
Bathrooms are huge, bedding is sumptuous and the atmosphere is serene.
It is renowned for its sumptuous accommodations and a fountain that provides a nightly choreographed music, lights and water show.
Updates include refreshed rooms, a sumptuous pool and spa and a manicured golf course.
Unified in their motifs, artistic ensembles made use of sumptuous, symbolic color schemes.
During lunch, the restaurant serves a sumptuous all-you-can-eat buffet and has a happy hour followed by dinner service.
Many books in this unique collection are de luxe copies in sumptuous bindings especially made for presentation to the tsar.
Both of them were apparently without employment of any kind, yet they lived in lordly luxury and gave sumptuous parties.
When the main timbers in a building were raised, a sumptuous feast was given for the workmen in celebration of the event.
The catalogue contains new scholarship on each drawing, and the sumptuous layout shows all the works in full color.
It is presently being restored, with some alterations, to its original sumptuous appearance.
After a sumptuous breakfast, he set out for a bracing walk around the estate.

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