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Example sentences for suffice

Suffice it to say that the conveyor belt continues to work today.
On these slow-going wave trains, minimal paddling prowess will suffice.
In this day and age, a simple solvent will suffice to turn homely vegetation into a source of precious metals.
Depending on the type of floors and the need for a deep or surface clean, plain hot water will nearly always suffice.
There is not enough space here to describe but suffice it to say she has possession aggression and handling aggression issues.
The attorney, who has my sympathy, wants that to suffice as an explanation for the inexplicable.
As in, falling back to bio-energy when other renewables don't suffice.
Suffice to say that physics must be placed on acceptable mathematical framework.
Such decisions take many variables into account, but suffice it to say that medicine is often equal parts science and art.
Because they were designed as solid-fuel, the rockets were so large that no other method of transportation would suffice.
Suffice it to say, though, that the evidence supporting structural inequality is compelling.
But what seems clear is that teaching social media through a traditional mode will not suffice.
Unfortunately, to meet that demand, nuclear as usual will not suffice.
Let it suffice to state a few matters which are beyond controversy.
Suffice it to say that neither effort yielded a significant return.
For this purpose a mere bare permission to emigrate into the country will not suffice.
Suffice it to say that your readers got only one side of the story.
When defying critics in the showroom won't suffice, other artists have gone to court.
For the rest, the occasional exploratory shaft or trench must suffice.
Until machines are invented that can pick strawberries without damaging the fruit or the plants, human hands will have to suffice.
Whenever possible the student should use polysyllabic words where shorter, clearer words would suffice.
Suffice it to say, there is no such thing as an objective ranking.
Generally, a faculty member profile on a department's site will suffice.
For now, suffice it to say that the path from high school to the upper echelons of science is much more complex than any pipeline.
Suffice to say, it involves a huge amount of denial and self-deception, and it's not going to end well.
Ideally this ultimatum alone would suffice to prompt the government to release its prisoners.
Here context and memory suffice, even without a spell.
And this is how ten thousand more words are demanded and one thousand must suffice.
There are too many to be listed here, but a few examples will suffice.
Suffice to say that this did not turn out to be the wonderful investment opportunity for which he had hoped.
Suffice to say corruption appears to only be the trigger.
Such a meagre growth rate will not suffice to stop further job losses.
It said that a majority of those voting, not a majority of all workers, would suffice.
Where they will live is unclear, but it is a fair bet that big new single-family homes will not suffice.
Under the current chairman, that one tool may suffice.
Suffice it to say that correcting this situation is not the major thrust of this legislation.
But bankers and brokers doubt that these measures will suffice.
So a private calculation of costs and benefits will not suffice.
Loss of control, and increasing irrelevance, may suffice.
Hereabouts, snapping at a slow checkout clerk might suffice.
Suffice it to say that this announcement renders my criticism irrelevant.
Suffice it to say that not everything is as it seems at first glance.
Several paint programs exist, and with a stylus your tablet should suffice for a sketching canvas.
Light bends by gravity when gravity s pull does not suffice to overcome light s momentum.
For such a wideranging research agenda, my efforts alone will not suffice.
Organic methods, as they stand today, will not suffice.
Its brutality can be unbounded-a loose page will suffice.
Suffice it to say, not all of these initiatives have met with applause from industry.
They won't even need to show that they have the capability to knock down satellites, bluffing will suffice.
Suffice to say that it's not as straightforward as it sounds in theory.
It's not whether science and material explanations suffice.
For below ground distribution areas, perhaps some discrete configuration of panels could suffice.
Suffice it to say that there is plenty of medical thought aimed at these terms, even if you're not aware of it.
But in this venue, in this space, it's clear that this will not suffice.
Suffice it to say that science is always evolving and trying to explain more and more about our universe.
It seems that my allowance, made by way of charity, did not suffice for the needs of the family.
Clearly these conclusions do not of themselves suffice to explain the peculiar rule of succession to the priesthood.
One of each category will suffice to illustrate their formative possibilities.
Other scientists remain unconvinced that weathering by physical processes alone would suffice.
The sudden rise of a mountain, a prolonged climatic change, the shift of a river--all will suffice.
Suffice to say, you are spectacularly wrong on all counts.
In such cases, when you are trying to talk about the topic, descriptions must suffice.
Invitations can be easily created on the computer, or store-bought versions can suffice.
But that memory probably will have to suffice awhile longer.
If there is no refrigerator, a small cooler will suffice, if you can get ice free from the hotel.
If none of the three pools will suffice, kids can enjoy billiards, ping pong and other table games.
For day hikes, a small day pack or lumbar pack should suffice.
While self-care strategies often suffice, some people might have more persistent symptoms that require further treatment.
No other explanation will suffice for the appearance of these two new comedy- fantasy thrillers.
Suffice it to say that it's even worse than it sounds.
But the time when such halfway measures will no longer suffice is rapidly approaching.
If you intend to simply watch and listen to meetings the desktop tools vic and rat may suffice.
But nowadays the name spotted turtle, though maybe not as descriptive, will suffice.
Past practices of relying on memos or unwritten directives will no longer suffice.
If you clean all the drains thoroughly, this should suffice.
Suffice it to say a heap o' tp is involved in this famed performance art.
Suffice to say their next discussion will carry much more weight.

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