substantiation in a sentence

Example sentences for substantiation

But there are few good details to go on, and even less in the way of official substantiation.
Thank you for your attempt, but please allow me to say that your personal insults unfortunately lack substantiation.
Should they wish to advance a mobile mast theory, they are welcome, but that would then require legitimate substantiation.
We forgot what was learned a generation ago and this article is substantiation of the initial pessimism.
They bring up interesting ideas but in my opinion are misleading in the substantiation of their conclusions.
That's the substantiation of the ghost of the father as an observer and commentator on what transpires.
The author is not reporting in the journalistic sense, but retelling anecdotal stories with no effort at substantiation.
From the food industry point of view, however, scientific substantiation of health claims presents pesky barriers.
So keep pushing them to provide evidence and substantiation.
So then you pull stories out of the air with no substantiation about unvaccinated kids being healthier.
Also when you say negative things, you are expected to present substantiation.
Now you have responsibility to provide scientifically acceptable substantiation of your self-defeating, self-degrading comments.
It is not open to doubt or, therefore, to substantiation.
Also, the articles claiming gluten-casein free diets have no substantiation, are not well researched.
The statement refers in two places to written substantiation.
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