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Example sentences for strive

Hybrids will become increasingly common as automakers strive to meet the government's tough new fuel efficiency standards.
Strive to diversify the economy and limit population influx to sustainable levels.
Hold on to your dreams and always strive to achieve your goals.
The best interviews are dialogues, so strive to engage people.
But the chapters contained in it strive for grounding in sound empirical studies, not in ideological premises.
Intellectuals strive to recognize and accommodate the various contributions to potential biases in their reasoning.
Neither is a model anyone with a desire to preserve the fourth estate should strive to emulate.
Our nation needs to invest in renewable energy and strive to become energy independent.
We continue to adapt to climate change and strive for business as usual, ignoring more direct solar alternatives.
The qualities that earn people more money are not always ones to strive to emulate.
Everyone realizes that both scientists and journalists strive for impartiality.
Conscientious, ethical journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty.
Plants strive to live to and demonstrate distress when damaged.
Our egos constantly strive to strengthen its stature compared to others.
Its hosts should strive for broadmindedness while approaching controversial news topics with disclosed and well-understood biases.
But they still face significant obstacles as they strive to enter the financial mainstream.
In my book, it's a bad idea to criticize firms that strive to drive down costs.
The loss of these wonderful people should make every one of us strive to be better.
Painters began to strive, instead, for less literal truths.
He is also said to have entered into all plants or to strive after them.
These neuroses are accompanied by processes that strive to restrain the development of fear, and succeed in various ways.
Small business owners should strive to look as professional as any executive of larger company.
There are great free apps out there which strive to enhance the reading experience.
We can admit the intractability of depravation, and still strive for dignity.
All of us must strive for the peace and security necessary for progress.
Paper airline tickets have nearly become obsolete, as carriers strive to lower costs and increase efficiency.
Strive to be fair and open-minded when confronted by unreasonable people.
Strive for fairness or demonstrate allegiance to a cause to get the best results.
So-called cross-functional teams from both firms strive to eliminate defects.
If they were helped with preferential programmes, they ceased to strive.
While every poll should strive to get a representative sample of likely voters, many fail.
The current economic malaise may speed up this trend as companies strive to become more efficient.
The mainstream parties are not blind to the problems he identifies but strive to be politically correct about them.
But the new paper suggests that if you want long life, you should strive to be as outgoing as possible.
They strive for light comedy, which is not always successful, nor is it always appropriate.
We can admit the intractability of deprivation, and still strive for dignity.
We base our decisions on sound business practice and good judgment, and strive for quality and timely technology solutions.
We will strive to be role models in the community and leaders in our profession.
Producers continually strive for high yielding soybeans.

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