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At one point they cross the path of a wounded general whose aides are carrying him on a stretcher.
Safe within the bridegroom's yard, the cabbage is taken from its stretcher and borne to the topmost peak of the house or barn.
They'll probably have to tie him to a stretcher attached to two long poles and pull him behind an ox.
For the next two hours, the scientists took blood and fat samples and weighed the bears using a stretcher and pulley.
We laid the bear on a stretcher and carried him out of the brush, to the cheers of waiting tourists.
They load him onto a stretcher and transport him to a nearby medical facility, where the doctors immediately get to work.
He devised a way of moving a patient from a stretcher to a hospital bed with the minimum of discomfort.
All the patients on the floor were to move via wheelchair or stretcher to the new building.
Perhaps that could be dismissed as a routine political stretcher.
She was sitting cross-legged in the chair next to her stretcher and greeted me with a cheerful, tobacco-beaten voice.
Firefighters and paramedics surround it, roll it on a stretcher, and carry it off.
Smashed to pieces in an aeroplane, acting as a stretcher-bearer, or digging a trench.
But paramedics were eventually called in and hauled my poor friend out on a stretcher.
Piles of papers and garbage had to be moved to get a stretcher in.
Bread rolls stuffed with canned cheese and chilies are laid out on a stretcher to rise.
They intubated him and took a long and careful time to put him on a stretcher, attempting to prevent further injury to his spine.
Praying that the paramedics wouldn't drop my stretcher.
He was carried off in a stretcher to the nearest hospital, where he was confined to a wheelchair for weeks.
The transport stretcher will use a manufacturer-recommended stretcher securing system.
Places patients on stretcher and loads stretcher into ambulance, usually with help of ambulance attendant.
When you put the pelt on a stretcher make sure the pelt is centered on the stretcher.
Stretcher can be raised and lowered to minimize lifting.
Stretcher fits through doorways and can be brought to patient.
After that cadets competed in a stretcher-bearing course outside.

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Do you remember the stretcher-cases lurching back With dying eyes and lolling heads, those ashen-gray Masks... more
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