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The college plans to promote programs in telemedicine as well, which would require streaming video.
It will also features one-touch audio and video recording, as well as live-streaming capability.
My best healing wishes are streaming in her direction.
Other axions, freshly formed inside the sun, could be streaming through us.
Where the cold sea-maids rise to sun their streaming hair.
So she pined away, sitting all day long upon the cold ground, with her unbound tresses streaming over her shoulders.
Streaming northward, their work done, camping awhile in clusters of mighty camps.
It resembles the prank of boys, who run with fire-engines to put out the ruddy aurora streaming to the stars.
He was crying, he felt choking, his tears were streaming.
The potential of new streaming video services is unleashing a torrent of programming aimed at narrowly defined audiences.
It should be a lively discussion and will be recorded and available for streaming in teh next couple of days.
The elephant spooks, whirls around, disappears with its tail streaming high.
Others were on the move, specks of light streaming ceaselessly toward us as mesmerizing as a computer screen saver.
Such tails form when the solar wind-charged particles streaming from the sun-pushes on a planet's magnetic field.
Thousands of people who fled into the hills for safety are streaming back every day.
For a time the only sounds were of bellowing and milk streaming into calabashes.
Astronomers mostly spend their time looking at light streaming from events that happened thousands and even millions of years ago.
The day, which had been banished, came streaming back.
As lunchtime approached, customers began streaming into the parking lot, lining up for bags of hamburgers.
Despite the often-squalid conditions, migrants keep streaming in for a reason.
But there were still lots of famous legs and faces streaming across the runway to ooh and ogle at.
Throughout the night, the booing intensified, and people began streaming out of the theater.
The coarse weave was so open that the light came streaming in, so it was full of beautiful light to read by inside.
But relying more on streaming will inevitably make the gaps more apparent.
It was close to one of the city's fancier shopping centres, early in the morning, with commuters streaming down the road on foot.
Hundreds of thousands of people are streaming into refugee camps in search of help.
The system can help soldiers make sense of the flood of information streaming in.
The firm may be faced with a choice between reduced streaming rights or a cut in its hefty profit margin.
Legal music-streaming and downloading websites have sprouted, providing many more honest ways of getting hold of music.
The blue light is the residual radiation streaming off of the craft as it enters our dimension.
The intravenous chandelier sends light streaming through his body until he is something radiant and glowing in the bed.
He also invented the first pinhole camera after noticing the way light was streaming through a hole in a window shutter.
It should be streaming toward the area directly lower center in the visor.
The streaming gas forms a spiral pattern in the same way a rotating lawn sprinkler shoots out water.
But as bandwidth demand soars for applications such as streaming video, the wireless industry is having trouble delivering.
Adobe is playing with the idea of streaming apps for photo manipulation, but it has been a flop with end users as well.
Streaming may be the future, but it is not the present.
In order to view streaming video clips, you need appropriate software loaded on your computer.
Digital music, streaming video and e-books are wonderful.

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