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Any national self-examination, any meeting which talked honestly about what the nation had come to, ran straight into the trials.
Although they're more expensive than the conically shaped ones, straight-sided cages are easier to use.
Smooth all surfaces with the paintbrush using long, straight strokes in one direction.
Practically every word spoken, every scene, every situation comes straight from the text.
Roast meatballs at the same time, pour in broth, and you have soup straight from the oven.
Then, home remedies go straight into shocking: performing chicken surgery.
She's making her ready: she'll come straight: you must be witty now.
The lower border of the ramus is thick, straight, and continuous with the inferior border of the body of the bone.
Attend thou with eye and ear, and make judgements straight with righteousness.
Then he gathered together in his apron all kinds of gold things, went on shore and walked straight to the royal palace.
The crow flies straight to its point of destination.
But scientists may have come up with a way to get decaffeinated coffee straight from the plant.
Using this directed vector, researchers could deliver toxic genes straight to the cancer.
We have to look for one that grows straight, which means the bark has to be growing straight on it.
He shifted to the left and stood the stadia rod straight to register his position for the survey laser on the tripod below.
Straight, sharp strokes are added to suggest rain or darkness descending over the scene.
The photos are straight forward and technically almost perfect and without flaw.
It is in fact a straight photograph, painted with lanterns and flashlights.
But even if you're driving straight from home to your picnic site, odds are it won't make it.
Some of the spines appear wizened with age, others straight at attention.
From the point of view of the sailor who dropped the rock, the rock falls straight down.
If that is the case, then poor countries should be able to go straight from agriculture to services, leapfrogging manufacturing.
Some are mundane: if you are asymmetrical, it is harder to move in a straight line.
When others fled, he would walk straight up to the blaze.
It was as if they swam straight from the pages of a fairy-tale.
Rather than conduct industrial policy by doling out soft loans to manufacturers, the government needs to get its ideas straight.
But anything other than a straight in-or-out question may result in a damaging wrangle.
It traces an arc, not a straight line, as income increases.
The author presented crowdsourcing as straight-forward-almost something for nothing.
Or there is payday lending, where the borrower gives the creditor permission to take money straight from his next pay cheque.
The craft takes off with the fan perfectly horizontal, blowing straight down.
The idea is that you can measure water into a recipe straight from the tap instead of going via a measuring jug.
But they could still look straight up and see what was there.
But a second bullet is now headed straight toward the heart of race-based preferences.
However, you may not wish to straight up lie about having them, depending on your comfort level and your reading of the situation.
Any amount you don't claim will vanish from your account and go straight into your employer's coffers.
Give them the straight story on the power blocs in your department without trying to recruit them to your faction.
When sailing a straight line, let sail out nearly perpendicular to the boat for maximum speed.
Leaves straight and wiry, in large tufts on the ground.
It takes him a fearsome minute to realize what that means-that the deadly storm is coming straight for him.
They noticed that the north coast of the island is unusually straight, indicating active earthquake faults.
Also, the ears on a llama are banana-shaped, while alpacas have straight ears.
There, careless people could go straight to jail for similar offenses.
It's when the photograph goes straight from your eyes to your heart.
The stone line is relatively straight but curves inward at one point.
The straight temples clamp on tightly, as do the sticky nose pads.
Two dozen rickety metal rungs spot-welded to the inside of the pipe disappear straight down into the darkness.
The dinosaur's oddest feature was a broad, straight-edged muzzle, which allowed its mouth to work close to the ground.
My father walked to the kitchen backward, pulled a bottle of bourbon from a shelf, and drank from it straight.
The problem was that my frozen lime pie filling eaten straight was too rich and intense.
Not so with ratatouille, where eggplant sits straight up in its seat, undisguised and unavoidable.
Opt for a shallow pan, with low straight or sloping sides.
Grab one straight from the oven-hot, puffed, and chewy-to eat on the street.
The oven produces stick-straight slices, so serve them in a stack log-cabin style.
He is wearing loose pajamas, and the strand of hair he combs over his bald spot stands straight up.
The injury sent him straight to the hospital-for three months.
What would be truly original, at this cultural moment, would be a straight-up celebration of monogamy.
The cool world and the straight world collide as the curtain comes up.
It depicts a grandly dressed lady looking straight at you.
He would stare straight ahead and utter a low hum and beat time with his hands.
He has a scruffy beard and straight blondish hair that hangs not quite to his shoulders.
The damask-heavy atmosphere comes straight out of the nineteen-thirties.
As often happens in this season, the revolting smell of yellow flowers went straight to my temples.
While those around her are busy being zany, she plays it straight, with a deadpan glimmer in the eye.
Some spritzes of this and your locks will be stick-straight for several days.
Narrators are all well and good, but there's nothing better than getting the story straight from the mouths of those who lived it.
She needed to set the record straight on a family matter that, she insisted, had become public and messy.
The others fluctuated between doubt and agnosticism and straight-out unbelief.
At slow cracking speeds, cracks spread in a straight line, breaking a material into two pieces with smooth surfaces.
Demand is also unlikely to maintain a straight line.
In the researcher's prototype, however, electrons would flow in a straight line along a two-dimensional path.
Light tends to prefer the quickest route between two points, which is normally a straight line.
Try to get your facts straight before you get angry about something.
But scientists didn't know any reason why the pencil would have started straight up.
The drive is about two hours-straight, flat driving.
If it looks straight, you must believe that it is straight.
It keeps going in a straight line to the edge of the universe.
Ataxic gait-inability to walk a straight line-suggests damage to the cerebellum, the brain's coordination center.
If his grandson hadn't been holding him up, he'd have pitched straight forward onto his face.
They show contraptions that look to be straight out of a science fiction movie.
Plotted on a graph, the speed of a procrastinator's work is a straight line, rising as the deadline gets closer.
Typical jet propulsion pushes water in a straight stream.
More important than how the genetic changes arise-by insertion, deletion, or straight mutation-is where in the genome they occur.
As she locked eyes with it, the mountain lion moved forward, descending the shrubby bank and heading straight toward her.
Learning how to position her torso so that all those parts were lined up for a straight shot down took about two weeks.
Now seed scientists can do better than hybridize-they can plug new genes, even those from other organisms, straight into plants.
Thirty years ago that sign would have led a patient straight to the operating room.
For instance, antelope pursued by hungry cheetahs often leap acrobatically straight into the air, a practice called stotting.
Draw a straight line between the two brightest points of light in the first image.
Now it is time for him to give some straight answers.
From time to time you do nonetheless look straight ahead again.
The gnomon is simply a straight pole, set vertically in a flat, level patch of ground open to the sun's rays.
Conversion under pressure, whether into or out of a movement, impairs one's ability to think straight.
It is best to get this straight if his book is to be seen in perspective.
Alarmed at her difficulties controlling the family, she looked to the sound of a father's voice to set things straight.
Dean's letter will help to get the picture straight.
But instead of playing it for laughs and making satire, he plays it absolutely straight and so achieved total popularity.
So far, the trilogy had been a straight chronicle of individual failure.
The symbol was simple--a few straight lines inside a circle.

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