stirrer in a sentence

Example sentences for stirrer

He stands in the middle of the stage, arms folded, a coffee stirrer clenched in his teeth.
Jammed into a corporate culture, however, the stirrer lost its sting.
The function of a stirrer is to agitate liquids for speeding up reactions or improving mixtures.
The yield can be adjusted simply by altering the stirrer speed in order to test a variable which might improve the froth yield.
Some insight regarding the extent to which uniform mixing is achieved when using a magnetic stirrer is also provided.
It is reliquefied to the consistency of house paint by vigorous shaking by hand or a power stirrer.
Heat on a hot plate while agitating with a magnetic stirrer to create the solution quickly.
Mixing may be done using a low speed high torque drill fitted with a helical stirrer or with an automated system.
Now attach one more stirrer with two joiners to make the parallelogram into two triangles.
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