stipulation in a sentence

Example sentences for stipulation

The only stipulation was that the flag should keep flying.
Its zero retention stipulation requires that any shark caught accidently by fishing vessels must be set free.
The lower rate wireless plans will come with the usual stipulation of agreeing to a two-year contract.
The race was decided in one-mile heats with the stipulation that one rider must take two heats to be declared the winner.
And a stipulation that all newspaper articles be censored has been scrapped.
The only stipulation is that all the music come with some security.
Some businesses have been advertising job openings with a stipulation that the unemployed need not apply.
There is no stipulation against raising them, buying them, or even selling their meat.
What it lacked, however, was a stipulation that lawmakers behind the earmarks also be named.
The only stipulation is that his pieces cannot involve the transformation of any material, in any way.
The only stipulation was that the investor build on his property within three years.
The only stipulation was that the newcomers build a house on the lot within three years and move there officially.
The gift came with the stipulation that it stays where it is and is cared for by the conservancy.
Problematic, though, was the stipulation that there could never be any valuable consideration for an organ.
If you are barred from applying for bilingual jobs, try to apply for ones that don't have that stipulation, or start learning.
What's great about these types of comp arrangements is that there is usually no stipulation that requires any gambling.
Case in point: the pregnancy stipulation cannot be equally enforced across gender lines.
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