stewardess in a sentence

Example sentences for stewardess

The seats were upholstered in an abstract blue pattern cribbed, maybe, from a stewardess's scarf.
Lately, for example, she'd doubled as an airline stewardess.
We also find a cute stewardess and work her relentlessly for alcohol.
Along with the room stewardess, the butler helps keep the suite tidy and well-stocked.
She tried her hand as a stewardess on a cargo ship, but quickly realized that she loathed cleaning.
One unit received letters from an airline only to find offers for stewardess jobs.
She started out as a stewardess with a grievance, which made her appreciate her labor organization.
Pilots, stewardess and people that do a lot of traveling will find that they do not have jet lag.
Let's not even be that dramatic, how about a gun, knife or a little coke for those long hours of hitting on the stewardess.

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If a girl's a stewardess, she might as well forget it after twenty-six. They no longer have compulsory reti... more
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