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There were lots of reasons for the reversal, but certainly staunch opposition from the energy industry played a significant role.
As a result, their bodies are unable to staunch bleeding, and injuries leave them at risk of fatal blood loss.
Most environmentalists say they would welcome a policy that would staunch the flow of migrants across the desert.
With so many meals in one place, the colony seems easy prey, but it has staunch defenders.
With staunch academic discipline they've plunged headlong into the fundamental physics of ram acceleration.
Perhaps a staunch one, because hey-they saved your life and now you have a happy story to share with other supporters.
Things change with more information, and the medical profession has changed it's staunch viewpoints time and time again.
Yet staunch as it was, the defense wasn't necessarily a weapon.
Her staunch self-reliance in the face of her husband's and then her own decline is remarkable.
The next step is to try to staunch the flow proper with drilling mud, a mixture of water and clay minerals.
He was a free-market champion and staunch defender of profits.
He has earned a reputation both as a staunch advocate for consumer protection and as a fair and balanced regulator.

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