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Explain that a staple is a basic food that is eaten regularly by people of a particular region.
Food does not get much humbler than poi, the pasty staple made from the taro plant.
There was little hunger but there was a large increase in staple consumption.
Some people contend that beer may have been the staple of mankind's diet even before bread was invented.
The coconut has long been a staple of cuisine in tropical places.
Freshen up a pantry staple with seasonal ingredients.
Fold up the old matchbook flap where the staple was over your scrap paper.
Fish in foil packets has been a summer-time staple in my home for years.
The price of staple foods-wheat, rice, corn-more than doubled over the course of the last year.
Repeat on remaining two sides, then staple all around the edges, pulling cloth tight.
Their staple is small fish, but they will eat crustaceans and squid as well.
Supplementing the human brain with computer power has been a staple of science fiction.
On the opposite edge, pull fabric taut and staple to secure.
Since then, televised debates have become a staple of the political landscape.
So, basically what the article is saying is that squid are becoming a food staple and this is somehow bad.
It is now a daily staple for millions of people worldwide.
Many plants, such as rice and soybeans, are staple food crops around the world.
Long a staple of science fiction, self-driving vehicles that act as robot chauffeurs have been a cultural dream for decades.
Give this breakfast staple a makeover with the addition of freshly toasted, aromatic hazelnuts.
It also became a staple in fabrics, carpets and ropes.
Staple the center of the canvas edge to the back of the frame.
Powdered milk is another staple that gets you through the lean times.
Sweet-faced violas are a staple of the fall and winter garden.
Oh, and salt was a staple outside of the kitchen, since it could ward off evil spirits.
The broth is made with dashi, a staple soup base whose delicate flavor comes from dried bonito tuna flakes and seaweed.
By walking north, the bears know they will find it and their staple prey-ringed seals-faster.
One great way is to make this barely warm tomato and white-bean stew a quick staple for back-to-school evenings.
The simplicity and speed of this dish are reminders that few staple ingredients are more useful than eggs for emergency meals.
Tight, ripped or baggy, denim jeans will always be a staple of the fashion conscious.
Almost at once dozens of displaced civilians started taking their staple dry rations to town.
The horror of growing up with an alcoholic is a staple of memoirs.
Knockoffs of the golden bikini are a staple of science fiction and comic book conventions.
Cotton remains a worldwide staple in clothing manufacturing.
Some countries do use krill as a staple of their diet.
And it's quite routine for law enforcement to staple a gag order to a records request.
It has long been a staple in commercial and educational buildings.
HE alarmist nonfiction book is a staple of publishing.
Films critical of governments are a staple of the cinema, and of film festivals.
But the southwest-where hot peppers are a dietary staple-has a much lower incidence, half in some places.
Make sure the straw is horizontal and staple it to the side of the cup.
Crystalline silicon has long been the staple of the semiconductor industry.
Oiled pelicans are cleaned with warm water and a common kitchen staple-Dawn detergent.
Bread: a simple staple at the center of almost any meal, on every table, across the globe.
Nor are they opportunities for self-display, another staple of the travel genre.
Researchers have found similar motivations for the early adopters of that other staple of the neo-green movement, solar power.
To a first approximation wheat is the staple food of mankind, and its history is that of humanity.
Someone who is consuming a significantly higher share of calories from staple foods than predicted is likely to be hungry.
We basically have turned corn into our staple diet source.
Most of the people died in a famine caused by the lot of the animals, which were the traditional staple food.
Cookies are a staple on sites which require users to log in, allowing for a continuous session after a single authentication.
Grieving parents have become such a movie staple that the theme is now a demonstrable cliché.
Pointing it out has become an opinion-column staple.
The two countries maintain some of the highest barriers to an imported food staple in the world.
But one thing that we've lost amid all the multimedia advertising is what used to be a network staple: the fall-season promo reel.
The starchy yellow blub that grows beneath the plant is the island's staple food.

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