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Spirituality takes different forms of expression sometimes.
Nearby conversations ranged from politics to art and spirituality.
If my students find spirituality to be compelling, bully for them.
From day to another they move from place to place in search of spirituality.
Matters of spirituality are rarely so simple to define or describe.
And the business of sending and receiving messages has always been a core notion of mysticism and spirituality.
He worries about his spirituality and then skewers his fellow campers.
He says the return to the road is a return to spirituality.
It is important to not confuse religion with spirituality.
The characters' spirituality is specifically connected to the elements, and the planet, rather than any predominant theology.
Management of those living resources was inseparable from spirituality.
It's understandable, you don't care about your spirituality.
The spirituality of human beings must be treasured and preserved even at the expense of the advance of material civilization.
Several studies designed to determine the parts of the brain responsible for spirituality have had interesting results.
Actually religion and spirituality are two different subjects.
So many miss the mark and believe that people who belive in spirituality are mindless fools.
And both considered church and spirituality to be a fundamental part of their lives.
Ours was the first society openly to define itself in terms of both spirituality and of human liberty.
But technology, not spirituality, has brought me to the monastery.
In this sense, the transporter would be a wonderful experiment in spirituality.
She attends lectures on the role of spirituality in medical care.
They do mind shortcomings in the economical and political field but these come second and third after spirituality.
So it's a good time for researchers to consider spirituality-from a scientific point of view.
Some experience teaching philosophy, bioethics and ability to teach about spirituality in healthcare is required.
Affect is also about a certain notion of spirituality or sacredness.
Yale was happy to read this writing on the wall, and the series led the way toward embodying spirituality in poetry.
It was the perfect picture of utter spirituality and utter degradation.
Furthermore, ecstasy and spirituality are now offered in a convenient generic form.
Names are a test of the aesthetic and of spirituality.
Spirituality despite the lip service in our public forum is not widely valued.
If defining consciousness is difficult, defining spirituality or spirit is virtually impossible and cannot be scientific.
They mostly involve the shelving of superficial concerns in favor of a humble return to spirituality or family.
His spirituality came through in a more poetic way on the page than in his didactic push for non-duality.
My piece on the spirituality of scientists has been put online.
There really is no dichotomy between spirituality and reason.
They are also showing higher levels of religiosity and spirituality in respective studies.
The same is true of spirituality or of what you believe about the world.
How sad it is that you'd limit your spirituality for your brains pleasure.
No, but people can use religion or spirituality to become or remain such.
Most are on the astronomy and space pages but some turn up on the religion and spirituality pages.
Exploring spirituality through travel could be intriguing.
Today's perfect for getting in touch with your spirituality, whatever form it may take.
AA's spirituality may put too much pressure on drinkers.
The trick is to not let the chatter overshadow the need for quiet reflection that spirituality requires.
Expert-reviewed information summary about the influence of spirituality and religion on individuals who have cancer.

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To say the word Romanticism is to say modern art—that is, intimacy, spirituality, color, aspiration towar... more
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