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Each cell could contain a tiny speck of fissionable material, or the cells could cluster in a colony around a source.
The planet would appear as a tiny speck, with neither blue ocean nor swirling, white cloud visible.
Sometimes they'd see a tiny speck in the sky, sometimes two or more together, making a distant buzz.
Fish has been cast by the news media as a self-satisfied showman, but not a speck of pretense crops up during our conversation.
We could see the brown speck against the darker background for many yards.
In a minute, the dog has become a dark speck on the ice behind us.
Though its wings are clipped, it flees surprisingly fast, a dark speck in the twilight.
The first sign of the threat was no more than a speck on a star-streaked telescope image.
Cave pearls are formed when a drop of water from the ceiling hits the limestone floor and throws up a speck of rock.
Collisions with even a small speck can damage working satellites or harm spacewalkers.
There is not one speck of physical harm done to the animals.
But now there is salami and speck from heritage pork to consider.
Then again, maybe this cream puff has never seen a speck of mud.
Rock jetties that extend into the bay in some areas harbor trout, speck and crabs.
Take a good look at the image above, nearly every speck of color is a galaxy.
She didn't spare me one speck of nasty truth tonight.
If it had too much matter it would cave in on itself, crushing everything into an infinitely dense speck.
Imagine trying to find a speck of space dust on the ground.
These symptoms can be confused with those of bacterial spot, but speck lesions are usually much smaller.
Speck soils are on uplands and are underlain by limestone.

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