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Example sentences for specious

His arguments and specious comparisons are bogus and not worth seriously entertaining, in my humble opinion.
In these speeches he frequently bears the aspect of a specious demagogue.
True humility alone could discover the snare which lurked under the specious gloss of holy charity.
Comparing home prices to gold over time comes across to me as a bit specious.
Besides, the claim that cattle on rough grazing land actually displaces crops is specious.
It is a specious argument that something must be done, this is something therefore it should be done.
The argument that people will not produce if they get taxed more is specious.
The idea that shooting some wolves will automatically bolster prey population is specious.
Not only has she continued to refuse, on insultingly specious grounds, to appoint an independent counsel.
The notion that games are popular purely because of their violence always struck me as specious.
Through its appeal to tax reduction, it has a specious attraction.
There are a couple reasons that this is a specious argument.
We can debate whether these advancements have been worth the costs, but claiming no advancements is both spurious and specious.
Percentages are meaningless and only used to skew the debate in specious ways.
The cases ranged from serious offenses to those that today would be considered more specious.
His application to adjudge the defendant in contempt is in addition specious.
The argument about high mailing costs for sending multiple dues reminders is specious.
Such an argument is specious and contradicts the plain meaning oft he sentence.

Famous quotes containing the word specious

The work is rather too light, bright, and sparkling; it wants shade; it wants to be stretched out here and there with a ... more
The distinction between children and adults, while probably useful for some purposes, is at bottom a speciousmore
The love of truth, virtue, and the happiness of mankind are specious pretexts, but not the inward principle... more
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