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But it is quite absurd to try to be popular in the first inquiry, on which the soundness of the principles depends.
It might be difficult to convince him of the soundness of my plan.
His building was one of three the snowstorm had undermined, the weight of the snow threatening the soundness of its foundation.
Their unhealthiness is their soundness, and is what carries conviction.
But whilst macro-economic soundness is necessary for recovery, it is not sufficient.
Some argue that an agency focused on consumers, not overall safety and soundness, could make the financial system less stable.
Nowadays, nobody thinks about bank soundness in such a simple manner.
They valued him for the soundness of his advice, no doubt, but also for his connections.
The problem this time was that no one was paying the slightest attention to systemic soundness until it was too late.
The proposed regulation would override any concern about bank soundness.
Economists are more interested in the beauty of their mathematical models than the soundness of their empirical data.
His actions exhibit the soundness of his moral character.
The mean soundness loss of the samples submitted shall be within the specification limits.
Moreover, you must carefully evaluate safety-and-soundness risks and prudently manage those risks during the lapse period.

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