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Now computer programmers are harnessing software versions of these same processes to achieve machine intelligence.
But the bad guy's software can quickly make and then try all possible keys for a specific computer.
Computer game companies use increasingly complicated software to protect against piracy.
Here are a few favorite websites with great accessible ideas, as well as a crafty software program we've been using for years.
To download software, click the program's download link.
He would conduct business on the basketball court, he decided, the same way he conducted business at his software firm.
The ethos of software idealists has always been something of the opposite.
In the nineteen-seventies, he wrote one of the first software programs to identify profitable trades.
The faces of literary characters as pictured by police composite-sketch software.
Corporations are once more spending money on software and machinery.
It turns out the senator is using unlicensed software on his website.
Programmers, or software developers, refer to these roles as driver and navigator.
One is face-recognition software itself, which has improved a lot.
New software is often carefully calculated to reduce the value to consumers of the previous version.
The format is so popular that you can buy software online to launch a penny-auction website.
It sells database software which is also available in a free, widely used, open-source version.
In a sense, though, it lives on in the software and data transferred to new pieces of kit.
Software and battery life, too, leave a lot to be desired.
It fundamentally changed how software programs are created.
The latest delay came after scientists determined that further software testing was needed.
There are also machine-based solutions, where software does the work of transcription.
College officials say it helps that the software is relatively cheap.
Now we'll have a chance to demo the new software tools here.
They occur when software is programmed to accept information but not given the ability to validate or limit it.
The software includes tools for editing movies, digital photographs and homegrown music.
The software offers advice, even specific bedtimes, based on users' sleep diaries.
Before you select your computers, think through your software needs.
Your choice of computers can largely be driven by your software needs.
The calibration software then displays a series of color swatches on screen.
Researchers develop software that compresses data, allowing real-time video to be used to convey sign language over mobiles.
But that doesn't mean anti-virus software doesn't work.
Downloading something they shouldn't have, or not keeping anti-virus software up to date.
Usually, fuzzy controllers are implemented as software running on standard microprocessors.
Secondly, once the problem had been identified, new software was written to prevent a similar event causing another voltage spike.
Xerography is a unique process that depends on chemical, electrical, mechanical and software know-how.
Game developers are still trying to figure out how to price their software.
The superscript tag wasn't picked up by the software used.
These systems are only a software upgrade away from fully self-sufficient operation.
It didn't seem to matter to them that a software algorithm-not a human being-was scanning your messages for keywords.
There have been many unintended consequences, both positive and negative, of the rapid proliferation of powerful chess software.
Hardware and software become extinct at a distressing rate.
And the software has probably been written by thousands of people in many countries.
The software produces exactly what one needs: reasons for a decision already made.
It's mostly physicists who write the software to do all this, with a certain fraction of software engineers.
Then, using sophisticated software, researchers can quickly sort the information in order to pull out the data they really need.
For both ends of this spectrum there are several software choices.
He had been a director of business development for a software company.
Imagine the aftermarket for improved and customized software.
But for whatever reason, in many cases the computers running the control software are in fact networked.
In the aughts, he became rich as a software entrepreneur.
Software to do deluxe slicing and dicing is easy to obtain.
She discusses the creative themes at work in the piece and the impressive range of software involved in an interview below.
Get disk-imaging software that makes a bit-for-bit copy of everything on your drive.
New software watches users to figure out what products they might buy.
New software tracks a user's behavior by monitoring everyday sounds.
Photo-editing software gets more sophisticated all the time, allowing users to alter pictures in ways both fun and fraudulent.
The real value of open-source software is the community it fosters.
The ultimate goal for programming: software that heals itself.
New browser software can protect websites from software vulnerabilities.
Bringing high-performance software to mobile devices.
They automatically examine files for malicious software, but they can only detect malware that's already been identified.
New software promises to let laptop users accomplish complicated tasks without lifting their fingers from the touch pad.
New software creates fluorescing type with ordinary printers, paper, and ink.
Attackers use software called exploit packs, which probe the visitor's browser for known security holes.
As an open-source software project, the browser will be built using code from software programmers from all over the world.
Source code for both malware and commercial software is often not available, which slows the hunt for vulnerabilities.
Also, if a bill goes up a certain percentage over a three-month average, our software catches it.
The software download requested is no longer available.
Software for learning about the benefits of site-specific weed management compared to a uniform herbicide application.
Because computers are so important to our lives, there is a constant need to develop new software.
In open-source software and new media, there's big money in unpaid labor.
Smaller ticketing outfits are attracting museums and concert halls with software that gives them closer fan connections.
Most software is developed exactly the way you think it is: you pay a bunch of geeks in cubicles to write it.
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