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When it's time to relax in a bubble bath, they are certain to soften and soothe you in all the right places.
The cushion will trim returns in normal times, but soften any declines and give you means to buy on a terrorism-related dip.
We all know people who change their tune later in life, soften or change their stand on issues or ideas.
The crust will seem crisp when it first comes out, then soften immediately, but will crisp back up as it cools.
Even one-on-one he was able to soften his approach through body language and facial expressions.
Of course, metals such as steel tend to soften when exposed to high temperatures-and that can cause parts to wear out prematurely.
While other companies use ammonia in their permanent hair dyes, some have created formulas to soften the hair coloring experience.
Soften the bottom of the candle with a match, so that the wax begins to drip into the box, and place it inside the box.
Booking a politician on a comedy show is another way to soften his image.
Even as our bones and teeth soften, the rest of our body hardens.
Bigger modules will heat up and begin to soften or melt as the plunge continues.
It allows the subject to relax, the features to soften, and the eyes to communicate.
They decided against it for fear of harming the creature's tissues, so instead the animal will soften up in a salty bath.
Fine-chop the onion and soften it in butter in frying pan.
He felt it slowly soften to a gritty paste and disappear.
Soak the banana leaf rectangles in batches in the water for about a minute or two to soften the leaves.
Advocates can organize and express themselves to good effect, and legislatures can frustrate or soften governors' intentions.
Flavorings made a virtue of the need to soften the harshness of nearly pure alcohol, and captured a big new market.
Her task was to nurse, to cultivate, to soften that powerful imagination.
There was no fence for privacy, and no plants to soften the landscape.
To soften a path's look, plant low groundcovers between pavers.
New layers and textures soften and upgrade the house while remaining true to the character of the neighborhood.
After harvest, fruit will soften and get juicier, but sugar content will not change.
She experimented until she finally came up with formulations to hydrate, soften, and heal his hands and feet.
And start stirring the lees, to soften up the wine and add some complexity.
The researchers are close to solving the boxes' main weakness: a tendency to soften when wet.
Grab the ringing phone and a touch sensor signals the phone to soften its ring while you are bringing it close to your ear.
No matter how long they stay here, they don't mellow, their consonants don't soften.
If squares become too brittle to roll, place in oven to soften.
He had a command of pathos also, but he never paraded it, allowing it rather to relieve and to soften.
It may also soften the country's still rigid approach to higher education.
Clams also soften the sediment by expelling jets of water from between the valves of their shells.
Around three years ago its fierce resistance to the notion of any limit on its greenhouse-gas emissions started to soften.
One might have hoped he would soften after almost a decade in office, but he has not.
Recently, the administration appeared to soften its stance.
There are other ways to soften suspicions of political interference.
But they also mellowed him, helping him to soften his abrasive image.
When commodity prices soften or tumble such countries will undoubtedly suffer.
Add scallions, cilantro and basil to mortar and pound to soften.
Cut up an onion roughly and soften it over medium heat in olive oil.
Soften the liverwurst and cream cheese and mix them together with the back of a spoon.
If wafers harden before draping, return to oven for a few seconds to soften.
Microwave the squash a few minutes to soften the skin.
Add sliced carrots to skillet and allow to slightly soften.
Eight minutes should be enough to soften and sweeten the shreds over medium heat, and they should still be green.
The workers also describe the use of a solvent to soften rubber that had hardened from age so it could be used.
Consider briefly soaking your foot in warm water to soften the nail.
Often a warm mineral oil enema is used to soften and lubricate the stool.
Add the shiitake mushrooms and continue to cook until the mushrooms soften, stirring often.
Keep in mind that as the fruit cooks, the flavors will evolve and soften with natural sweetness.
Warm cookies produce steam, which when trapped in a container can cause the entire batch to soften or even spoil.
Soften the file by heating it to a glowing red and letting it cool gradually.
If so soften the glue with high humidity and temperature or with steam.
Isopropyl alcohol is a possible thing to soften white glue too.
Shrubs soften the transition between wall and ground plane.
They will take a little longer to soften the adhesive, but they should also be fairly safe for the surface.
The blanks are heated in an annealing furnace to soften them.
Many nonpolar liquids can dissolve or soften polystyrene.
Aspen provides shade for some of the campground while spruce trees soften the surrounding hillsides.
They filter the air, soften the extremes of the weather and add beauty to cities and towns.
The law contains a number of special relief provisions to soften the impact of withdrawal liability.
The choice of the homeowner to soften or not to soften will factor into all arguments.

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