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Farther down, the doctors rummage under the slough of intestines as though through a poorly organized toolbox.
Cells that slough into the bloodstream can take hold at distant sites-and a metastasis is born.
It is far too complicated, automatically guarantees a slough of litigation and despond, and has minimal effect on college quality.
And even when it is time to slough that skin, after years of service, it does not come off easily.
They find the buck in a backwater slough thrashing around in six feet of water, having broken through the ice.
Eventually a red giant's gas envelope will slough off entirely, leaving behind a dense stellar corpse known as a white dwarf.
The hillsides often slough away draining the ponds into the surrounding watershed.
Fortunately, there's more than one way to slough off a layer of skin.
With ovarian cancer, metastasis occurs when cells slough off the primary tumor and float free in the abdominal cavity.
Our brains slough this ability away as a butterfly sheds its pupal skin.

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