slipstream in a sentence

Example sentences for slipstream

Those with this trait thrive in a slipstream of thought that many can not understand.
We are, one starts to believe, starlings in the slipstream.
The hole is open to the slipstream, and the entire aircraft behind the mounting bulkhead is vented to the outside.
But they also reduce the wing's slipstream, an area of low-pressure turbulence that pulls back on the wing, and hence reduce drag.
Slipstream effect at tail generated by a tractor propeller.
The second rider can stay in the slipstream of the first, thus experiencing significantly less wind drag than the first rider.
Four different catalyst materials will each treat one-fourth of the flue gas slipstream at each site.

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The Thirties dreamed white marble and slipstream chrome, immortal crystal and burnished bronze, but the roc... more
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