slammer in a sentence

Example sentences for slammer

The prison system, and the society as a whole, couldn't sustain every apprehended joint smoker doing a dime in the slammer.
If you get caught with it, you could end up in the slammer for a long time if you try to bring it in undeclared.
Who ever goes against the grain, is sure to find themselves in the slammer.
It is easy to put in a slammer and don't give any specifics.
On a handful of occasions, a first-termer was dragged off to the slammer or impeached.
Imagine two prisoners facing life in the slammer for a crime they committed together.
And no-nonsense signs throughout warn that reckless driving can get you up to eight years in the slammer.
They are also the same people who put him in the slammer, and even though he accepts the task, he secretly plots his revenge.
Jimmie refuses to take a plea and he is sentenced to six years in the slammer.
You're in the best position if you haven't yet paid the slammer.
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