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Example sentences for skip

He plans to skip coffee and be on the water again before sunrise.
Let us skip over the interval in the history of her downward progress.
Skip the needle and thread and instead use stamps to make easy monogrammed handkerchiefs.
Skip the snow cave, and check into a stylish winter perch.
Granted, one reason this is quick and easy is that some of the choices are so bewildering you can skip them.
Professors openly acknowledge their lack of relevancy, while students routinely skip them.
In other words, you shouldn't skip a day on your own commitment to do twice the work tomorrow.
Maybe when you go home that night you skip the brownie or cookies you've been using as an emotional crutch.
Skip the book and offer what was requested being, a testable hypothesis for the origins of species.
If you ve never melted a frying pan frying an egg you can probably skip this part.
They have managed to skip the laws of nature for to long.
For starters, those play-skip-volume buttons are tiny.
He tells me about the steps others will skip, the cheaper meats others use.
The history of the study of brain function is covered in the first chapter, tempting the reader to skip ahead.
But the tolerance of the algae to lignin makes it possible to skip this step, which can reduce costs.
To top it off you can skip the expensive refining techniques.
He said this would eventually allow producers to skip the transesterification step.
Any private-sector employee who does not skip work in sympathy is in danger.
Start reading it in the departure lounge, skip the in-flight movie, and you'll be done on landing.
If a client paid her once, he could skip paying for another half-year.
If you don't then you are free to skip the threads that don't interest you or leave altogether.
Note: this next part of the paragraph is difficult to describe, so feel free to skip it and go to the next paragraph.
But if you can grab a branch that can absorb the shock, you can skip the fancy acrobatics.
Or they skip appetizers and go straight to the entrée.

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