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Frustratingly, there are plenty of silly story elements that mar the program.
They had known each other since eighth grade, sharing the silly private jokes that only longtime pals know.
Throwing money at it without a plan to actually improve it is silly.
It is a predatory industry with far-reaching consequences that can't be quantified in a silly study masquerading as science.
Meanwhile, even the silly freeway theory trumps this one.
Silly to say that a scientist shouldn't care what is causing global warming.
Cherry picking elite dyslexics is silly and grasping at straws.
The filmmakers could have easily invented entirely new particles for the job-call them bambinos, say-but perhaps that's too silly.
To accept and embrace physical discomfort as the path to manhood is not silly at all.
We don't need silly animated graphs or talking heads.
Silly religious people thinking it was delivered by a stork.
Likewise its silly to ban origin issues with religious backing.
Regulators might ignore silly regulations if they knew they had no valid reason to exist but not know which ones are not silly.
It seems everyone must have a cause, his seems a little silly.
Still doesn't explain it, hence this silly new theory.
Reading this reminded me of the silly games some people play.
Their proof is statistical and from a statistics standpoint claiming proof without a control group is silly.
The argument that interconnection requires insecurity is silly.
The media uses a silly deterministic label, and they're wrong.
Linking battery storage technology to oil dependence is silly.
Most big firms paid silly prices for companies using sillier levels of debt.
Organization works, inchoate anarchy does little but make its participants look silly.
We need to get rid of this silly notion that there is a moral imperative for someone to come in and intervene.
It is silly to have a high tax rate while simultaneously giving people many ways to avoid paying it.
It is unclear whether it is over some silly local muscle-flexing, or a deliberately engineered provocation.
The irony in his work is not designed to reveal what is vacant in art, or what is silly about those who buy it.
But there is a lot of infra-red in the spectrum, so it seems silly to ignore it.
The idea also seems less silly than it did to financial markets.
On the face of it, running a current of almost an amp through someone's brain seems a silly thing to do.
If you going to burst out at all, why don't you burst out sudden instead of standing there so silly and don't answer.
She's silly and she's really crazy, she's absolutely lost it.
Absurdly silly in the latter case, the natural order of things in the former.
In an academic environment flush with well-earned yet under-utilized doctorates, the call for faculty labor unions is quite silly.
Except that those views are themselves pretty silly.
The external design has stayed the same, to the dismay of those who think it's silly.
Not with prop bets-those silly-yet-serious wagers that cover everything from the national anthem to the commercials.
If you find this conceit irretrievably silly, the film is unlikely to persuade you otherwise.
That's a pretty silly statement for a couple reasons.
At first blush the notion of suburban moms buying gas masks seemed a little silly.
In their own ways, each of these shows skewer the silly side of government and elections.
The coach's thought process, and that silly red flag beanie toss, play almost no part.
Complex ideas that are clear and compelling can be summarized clearly without being reduced to a silly bullet point.
Sure, it's silly when someone gets overly upset about the order forks will be used in a multi-course dinner.
It may sound silly, but it connects with a real human element in the film.
Yes, the behaviors he cites range from silly to disturbing.
It's silly to pretend there's no path to civilian rule other than elections.
The reason you can't is the reason he wouldn't: such a novelist would be, by our lights, pretentious and overwrought and silly.
It would indeed be a silly contrast if it were seen as a dichotomy, entailing that traditions were always in conflict with reason.
One looks silly striving to hide a thing that is not there.
Blaming environmentalists or the farm lobby after the fact is pretty silly.
It seems kind of silly, not to mention futile, to try to prove that one species or another is more advanced than another.
It has to be transmitted in every direction to be used in one direction which means it would be incredibly silly and wasteful.
The end-user scenarios proposed in the article are silly.
The film is skillfully made, but it's too silly to be enjoyed, even as a joke.
Quite possibly, this silly row might never have erupted.
It's clearly silly to hold a hearing about contraception and not hear from anyone who might actually take birth control.
And a silly implicating smile had begun on her face, too.
She waved the praise away as if it were a silly dessert.
The picture is awfully, solemnly silly, but it's enjoyable and even rather stirring.
On the one hand, and taken out of context, it sounds pretty silly.
Her ankle socks looked silly, and so she opened a drawer and found the stockings.
Levine eventually decided that it would be silly not to look for it.
That's why a national campaign, silly as it may seem, makes some sense.
Of course nobody measures the pressure of dark energy, so it's a slightly silly definition, but it's an accident of history.
The silly medical profession thought they almost had polio licked.
What a silly, selfish, ridiculous mistake to have made.
If you remember, the sounds they made during their fights were pretty campy and silly.
Ask a parent or other grown-up to come with you to the kitchen to make one of these silly snacks.
He's afraid of a little spider, and everyone says his costume looks more silly than scary.
They shared stories ranging from the silly to the bizarre and even grotesque.
Some examples of stretching out strategies are turtle talk, bubble gum, and silly putty.
You've got too much going on at home to get stopped with silly arguments.

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