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Private sector employers are starting to reconsider the benefits they are able to pay if employees sicken or die in service.
Unlike humans, who can be infected with tuberculosis for years, mongooses appear to sicken and die immediately.
The narrator tries to invent a new language that won't sicken people.
Feces is filthy and any unknowing pedestrian can track this stuff into their house and sicken everyone.
But the desire not to sicken or offend the noncombatant public should not be among them.
Avoid local tap water, especially in developing countries, since the water may contain foreign bodies that can sicken a newcomer.
During the summer and autumn, many colonists began to sicken and die.
But unlike the bird, they won't sicken or die when exposed to the chemicals.
Food-borne illnesses sicken one in four people every year.
Scientists do not know whether the bound portion of the toxin can sicken people.
Most algae blooms are harmless, but some blue-green algal blooms can produce toxins that may sicken people and animals.
However, their exposure levels are unlikely to approach those that sicken people exposed at work.
The chemicals and heavy metals may be toxic and thus cause aquatic and land biota to sicken or die.
Likewise, birds of prey will sicken and die if fed a diet of hamburger or hot dogs.
Orcas so full of pollutants, it's enough to sicken them.

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