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Lee is quiet and thoughtful and, by his own description, shy.
He's really quiet and shy, and then all of a sudden he'll drop the funniest line you've ever heard in a conversation.
For shy people, academic life is both protective and terrifying.
They tend to be a shy bunch, happiest when out on their horses.
He wears a shy smile and a big backpack and is happiest in the forest.
But they would probably stop shy of trying to prevent the nomination of a secretary of defence during wartime.
In the meantime, he is not shy about accepting money from the dairy industry.
Today, the six-month-old spends her time playing with the web camera, though the keepers describe her as shy.
He isn't shy about the confrontation of failure and he doesn't hold back negative feedback.
So, those shy students and/or disinterested students all sit there.
Academic scientists are not normally shy about publishing.
They are solitary and shy animals, seldom seen by humans.
We shouldn't shy away from gene therapy simply because there's risk involved.
It remains interesting and cohesive until the end, but doesn't shy away from difficult concepts, or controversial subjects.
If he or she does note, don't be shy about asking for it.
Fear of these people made the government shy of drastic change.
Generally shy and elusive, the yellow-billed cuckoo can be easily overlooked.
If your side is confident then why shy from showing the best of both positions.
As he stands next to his kiosk, the museum visitors are not shy.
According to someone who knew him, he was almost shy.
But it is not shy about hanging out some of capitalism's dirtiest laundry.
Conservationists are trying to find ways to balance human and cultural needs with adequate protection for the shy reptiles.
Twitter users often don't shy away from complaining about their exact ailments and when they developed.
However, other students of society have not been shy of offering ideas about religion and wealth.
Also, they are inordinately shy and reluctant to respond.
These are people who are, by nature, not exactly camera shy.
The latest versions of these gadgets do more than simply show the stubborn or shy the way.
If you are interested in a specific tour or operator, don't be shy.
Those dogs have the weird habit of being shy and out-of-the-way during the day.
Yoga maintains that the sloth bear is a shy creature.
But being too shy may well hold back your progress in becoming a player in the discipline.
Nor does she shy away from tough encounters closer to home.
However, if a university rep opens the door to discuss salary by asking what your expectations are, don't be shy.
Given the high stakes, the national candidates have tended to shy away from rocking the boat.
Brown recluse spiders, as their name suggest, are shy and secretive creatures.
And he is never shy of a bold plan, particularly in the run-up to a tight election next spring.
Bats' small size and shy nocturnal habits make them a challenge to monitor.
The world is beginning to shy away from nuclear power.
Corporations shy away from investing for the future, even though investment is what will turn the economy around.
Having been bitten once, insurers are getting shy of selling credit protection.
Not surprisingly, foreign investors are running shy.
It was faster and did not fight shy of trumpeting the opposition's excellent showing.
What's important to remember is that government-relations people cannot be shy.
Because this is a million times shy of the relativistic limit, the behaviour of sound waves is not restricted in the same way.
And if they're not sure, they're not too shy to ask.
Yet they shy away from any alternative solutions, such as tuition fees.
The non-beggar pups might beg a little but will be much more shy than the beggars.
The creatures are described as shy and nocturnal, and their diets consist mostly of berries and fruits.
It's a tiny rhino, shy and nocturnal, according to the dictionary.
Lousy story, tell you friend not to be shy about letting others in the field know about the school.
If you are with friends, don't be shy about using them in images to get a sense of scale.
Some believe in clear sets of categories, but shy away from bright lines.
But they show no tendency to shy away from being fiscally firm.
The risk now is that slower growth will cause politicians to shy further away from tough reforms.
Voters might yet shy away from more engagement with the outside world.
They worked the carpet separately, and together, and he didn't shy away from keeping his arm around her as they faced the cameras.
The little pink sloth-thing became shy and left me, to crawl back to its natural life once more among the tree-branches.
The economy is stuck in the doldrums, established companies are starving for money, and venture capitalists are gun-shy.
She needs professors to help her get the word out about their accomplishments, and not be shy or reticent about their work.
Wolverines, you see, are notoriously shy and people-averse.
Lame, bees in his brain, two teeth shy of total gum he bites the air.
Be observant, and don't be shy about feeding your campus health services information.
Most professors are shy, sad people with low vibrational energy.
One may be shy, while the other loves meeting new people.
Fortunately, king cobras are shy and will avoid humans whenever possible, but they are fiercely aggressive when cornered.
Trying to comfort him when he is hiding may let him think that being shy and hiding brings him attention and rewards from you.
Solicit answers that relate to the puppet only knowing what a few words mean, having a favorite way of talking, or being shy.
Although they are notoriously shy, they sometimes freeze in place when in distress, making them easier to catch.
Elusive and shy, harbor porpoises have proved difficult to study in their natural habitats.
Shy and solitary by nature, they enter populated areas in search of prey such as deer, which are drawn to lush gardens and lawns.
Sasha is so soft-spoken he seems shy, when in fact he is a homicide detective who weighs his words.
Yet far too many philanthropists and non-profits shy away from setting goals and measuring progress.
All three agree that there is a need to curb welfare for the work-shy.
Companies are still unhelpfully shy of hiring, preferring to squeeze yet more output from fewer people.
The report occasionally hints at such dilemmas, only to shy away from discussing them in a satisfactory way.
All have made a living by enticing the tax- and publicity-shy through their discretion and low tax rates.
But this is not uncommon, and it is no reason to shy away from it.
Which is overwhelming to them and why they tend to shy away from social situations.
In an isolated community used for a test, people are often shy and unsure.
But among the left, they tend to shy from being labeled as such.
The cloned animals exhibit the full spectrum of behavioral traits, from curious and inquisitive to timid and shy.
We don't know how to look at a genome and tell if you're happy or shy or funny or extraverted.
They are rarely shy about their accomplishments or abashed about their patriotism.
Ornithologists have no answer, and they shy away from speculation.
The subject of the controversy was a shy, kindly fellow with a slight harelip.
It must have some kind of teeth, and it wasn't shy about using them.
In part, that may reflect the limits of a history-based, theory-shy approach.
In the memories of his friends, he appears rather shy and reserved and quietly likable.
In such matters he was reluctant, shy, and reserved.
On both albums, the songs move at a fairly brisk pace and shy away from grand pronouncements.
Students and colleagues fondly describe her as shy, but she wasn't shy-she was thinking, and ignoring you.
No matter how much he loved you, he did not shy from giving it to you with the bark off if you had disappointed.
He stands five inches shy of six feet, and he blames much of the gap on history.
It might have been a good technology to have around, for a shy writer-type.
She was shy about this, and would stop if she knew he was watching.
Consciousness of a special destiny made me both arrogant and shy.
The mountain gorilla, a shy vegetarian with no natural enemies but humans, could soon be added to the roster.
He's not shy about sharing his informed opinions when invited to do so.
And, of course, both are the homes of shy plesiosaurs.
If you feel shy, put on a performance and play at being someone that inspires you.
Roger, who had been born with a cleft palate, was shy and artistic.
For many of the mourners, it was the first time they had seen so many of the publicity-shy clan in public.
And he doesn't shy away from how he got the role-the suit fit.
It was impulsive-he was a bit shy-no lunging wolf tactics.
And then, on the day, she's in there and she's too shy.
He even included prison in the progression, and credited it for teaching him not to shy away from realities, however grim.
She was shy about going to the police, afraid of the publicity.
Shy bladder donors have long suffered from not having a voice in drug testing circles.

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